New armor is OP or broken? Lunge bugs? Archer's trolling?

New Helmet (demon’s) provide ~400+ armor
It is LIGHT armor,
Weight 30 stones
crafting from HEAVY materials
Is it should be LIGHT armor?
If so, reason to use Heavy, if in Light you can have 20+ stat bonuses (no weapon’s) and 600-900 armor (65-85% dmg absorb)?

Same situation with:
Snake gloves - provide 60 armor (all other light is 46) +6 STR
Snake (Serpent or something like this) boots - more armor than any other regular light + 9 encumbrance.

Is it ok or Funcom again missed with armor types, like it was before (reptilian gloves\chest)?

New Bow with Ripping effect broking gloves of the archer (dmg durability very strong), but do not have any other effect’s, bonuses, or even decent dmg (worth than khari bow)
Looks like a joke.

Aswellm you can make a lung attack immidiatly after the ROLL, just hold SHIFT before the roll and than press attack
And it is possible to make a lung attack just with 1 step, almost instantly, with out any rolls, or running around urself

funcom! stop horned pvp!

If I got right that bow do not use arrows until it brokes your glowes. Yesterday It worked for me when I was farming meteorites with explosive arrows.
Edit: So it might be used aswell for the thralls. Didnt tested yet if it brake their glowes.

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