New attributes what going on with Charisma

Looking at the dev video on Charisma or whatever they calling it now. The last perk choice to have 2 thralls is worthless. Also losing damage or etc to thralls is a bad trade off for 2 thralls. Also a war party is normally 4 and higher. A scout party is 2.

I think I disagree with you. Two thralls results in significant dilution of damage between your units, ultimately increasing your EHP and by extension your total damage potential because you’re freed up to do more without blocking/dodging/kiting.

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A war party of 3-4 Thralls offers solo team members. You lose charisma bonus damage when picking war party.

How much have you tested the new system with these features? I mean, actually tested? I don’t even know how much the thrall stats will be affected by the Authority stat, let alone be able to formulate informed analyses on which is more effective, having one with better stats or two with lesser stats.


Considering that it is in a closed beta (my guess) right now, I doubt that she has tested this at all.


Im willing to bet certain builds (one being the necro) will benefit more from having an extra health pool(via additional followers with the corrupted health link perk) than theyd gain from more dps

damage split, with 2 thralls will make you a god. I have already built my build.

You mean she

Don’t know about you lads, but I’m pretty interested in trying the double thrall feature with pets only. There’s got to be a really sick combo out there.

Sooo many possibilities

Yea two greater sabers good luck running from that

Better is a greater yakith. ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

No way brotha saber is far superior

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