New Avatar/open world boss

After the stream, today, I think we Need a Joel Bylos zombie boss wandering aimlessly around the world, or maybe an avatar that, when he attacks, yells “I never promised anything” “No mounts” “It’s not going to happen” or something along those lines.

I’m sure someone’s going to mod this now.


That’s a great idea. He should be an Ancient King, I feel that fits his personality best.

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Good to see you. It’s Manny, btw. Can’t wait till launch, been tinkering with TL and our private mainly, till launch

I’d love to finish those Mounts, if the Assets for them werent locked

I know people are complaining about not getting them, but most of those folks will ■■■■■ about anything, just to ■■■■■. Everyone makes mistakes and the devs, simply, didn’t foresee what the problems would be. No harm, no foul

I do think, in all honesty, that the abandon of Mounts was due to Consoles limitations…
as always, consoles ruining games because “Me wantz to be team Microsoft/Sony” instead of just playing different games in different platforms… If people weren’t so zombified by consoles, many games would’ve been epic / better / not suck because devs / companies wouldn’t see the need to make console versions of their games, much like 10-15 years ago, where we did have niche games “exclusive” for PC because of Console limitations… The limitations were not overcome, instead the games were handicapped…

I don’t dislike consoles neither, but I exclusively find them good for “arcade fighting” like Mortal Kombat / Street Fighter style of games, football (soccer for people who insist on mistaking names), and adventure fluid games like Assassin’s Creed, God of War, etc… Anything else straight out sucks in console compared to PC, not only in hardware limitations but regarding controls mainly… Not using Keyboard + Mouse is kind of dumb, specially in Shooters / RPGs, in the end Consoles turn out more expensive than having a decent PC and upgrading it over the years… Generally speaking, at least in my country, console games are tagged at twice or even thrice the prices of PC games, just for starters… They consume battery, once they have a system failure they can be trashed, you can’t temper with them, you have to pay for online services… Well, the list goes on and on…