New Bug: Lost Connection / Green Screen

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

FIX YOUR GAME ALREADY! How many years do you need to fix this? I´m pssed of so much I want to stop laying this game (why I can´t?). I wnat my mony backk!

Is no picture on screen - only green … fookn Conan inspired furniture line. HELP???

Me clan want to watsch cONANtrOLLZ TV program. Bought this giant flatscreen from the inspired furniture line. Why it no works? Need in game HDTV cable? How to makke?

I try!.. but when I can you help me fixx my in game TV?

See my clan´s television flatscreen in the image? It won´t show any programs … no pictures, no news, no nudes - notting
How can activate?

Please, could you try to re-send your report following the instructions and recommendations found in these two threads?

First one will help us understand the issue at hand provided its steps are followed correctly.
Second link should provide some guidelines on how to remain civil and not deviate conversations.
Thanks in advance.

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