New bugs after last patch

  1. Thrall sops attacking. After changing following distance and/or ask a thrall to stop and follow again, the thrall sopped attacking even if attacked.

  2. Basilisk in the Kregs do not attack after engaging him. At the same time also the thrall refuse to attack the basilisk using a bow. After several minutes the basilisk started attacking my thrall (that decided to attack melee doing an acid bath). The basilisk script was gratly bugged:

  • Basilisk spitted only once or twice during the whole combat
  • basilisk exited from pool only after the thrall manage to hit him
  • all the remaining time the basilisk keep whatching me.

At the end I managed to kill him, but the combat was other than funny :slight_smile:

Yeah, going with your thrall in The Sunken City won’t let the thrall spawn to fight.

Hi @liquidand, there’s an issue with the thralls that causes them to stop attacking which has been fixed for the upcoming hotfix.

The Dregs boss is currently being looked into by the team.


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