NEW character slot

i m free to play
i have 12 chars and i want to buy a “NEW character slot”
i have unlocked all 4 or 5 slots for free to play so if i buy a new character slot do i need to buy a monthly sub in order to play the character ?
or the NEW slot will be unlocked and ready to go ?

If you currently have more characters than character slots, then I am pretty sure that buying one more character slot will just let you unlock another of your existing characters.
If you want to create a new character then you must have more character slots than characters, so that there is a free slot.

that means that i have to buy a monthly sub and a character slot in order to create a new character ?
i want to make a new bear shaman char

I would contact Funcom directly about this.

I was under the impression buying a new slot as free to play would give you a new slot to create a character along with allowing you one additional unlock from your old total. But I haven’t tried it myself, so I don’t know for sure. Best bet is to ask directly before spending money.

no : if you have locked characters already, you get the choice to unlock a character, or unlock an empty character slot to create a new one.

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thanks for reply i just subed to game so i play the saga bear shaman and pay 5 euros to transfer it to crom when saga ends

i have already contact but no answer yet maybe cause its weekend

They are slow and deal with tons of issues with few GMs. Takes a few days for a response.

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