New Dawn Shovels

Hey, just a quick question: Can I get one of those shovels we use in the farming quests in New Dawn as a weapon? Seeing the one shots it does to the insects, I think I’d like to replace my pistols with that! LOL. It certainly makes farming more fun.

They were going to do one as a hammer skin. But like so many other plans, it never materialized.


Apparently in tomorrow’s stream shenanigations, they’re going to run dungeons, give stuff away and talk shop. So presumably the game is intended to continue (or a giveaway would be pointless), and we may find out some of what the current plans actually are?

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…or they just need to do it to show stockholders that someone still plays the game


Yes and no.
The game can be presumed to be continuing because Funcom’s other, older games are still online.

The giveaway is nice for people who are playing, because being given stuff is almost always nice! There’s no way to know what’s being given away yet, it could be small stuff, it could be big stuff, it’s up to Funcom :slight_smile:

There are zero guarantees that any future plans will be mentioned, let alone discussed. It could be that they talk about already existing elements in the game, or they could talk about something new. There’s no way to know what will come up in advance - there’s not even a guarantee that people spamming the chat with questions about possible future content will be acknowledged or answered.

All we can do is wait and see!

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That’d be nice but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


I was very careful to leave my comments open-ended, to hopefully somewhat safeguard them from ridicule… :v:

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