Still waiting for a phone call

I finished New Dawn and have been waiting to be contacted by my HQ for three months. So does the game just end there? Are we waiting on content? Or should I just cancel my subscription and find something else to play?


Yup, if you’ve finished new dawn then there’s no further story mission as yet. We are waiting for the next bit of content, (with varying levels of patience).

If you’re not wanting to repeat some content frequently, then yeah, lose the sub and find a new distraction.

You can always resub when more content gets released, or you might find that you still use the other patron bonuses enough to justify keeping it :slight_smile:

for three months

That’s cute


… in World of Warcraft or whichever other mmo takes your fancy.


That’s what I’ve been doing. :slight_smile:

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That’s what i’ve been doing :smiley:

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For now the game ends after New Dawn, and we are waiting… and waiting … and waiting, and WAITING for more story content, and most of us have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it is not coming anytime in the forseeable future.

You can go back and finish anything else you have left to do in the game (dungeons, raid, lairs, scenarios, etc.), but once you have done that you might as well cancel your subscription and find something else to play.

If you are really ambitious and completionist you may want to go through the whole story and all optional missions with three different characters - one from each of the faction (Templar, Illuminati, Dragon) just to get all information from each side, as well as play the couple of missions that are unique to each faction.


now that i am not doing

I think it’s safe to say that patience is wearing thin for even the most enduring of us who call this place our online home.


I think if all the content from TSW were transferred to SWL as promised, the waiting would be less of a pain.


I’m past the point of caring though, and I know I’m not the only one.


So basically it’s no longer a game just a pay to win PVP?

PVP? Where? Here? Maybe in the forums I guess…


What is this crap? Is this one of those forum there the game company blocks anything that say something about game problems? If it is I can stop my subscription right now.

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Probably not the company, but some people on the forums love to flag posts when they shouldn’t be doing so. Your original post isn’t showing as flagged for me currently though, so maybe they are getting better at cleaning things up when people are abusing the flag option.

(As a note, this is exactly the sort of thing I was referring to in my comment, so thanks internet for not letting us down!)


Thanks. Most game forums are infested by infantile sociopaths who try to control the narrative by whining. :slight_smile:


No, we’ve had issue with that from some members abusing the flagging button.
The fact remains - they just didn’t like what you said and that’s why they flagged it.
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Isn’t there a PVP arena somewhere?

Richter’s Thread starter post was hidden a couple of days ago
but later got unhidden, probably a staff that unhidden it

It was Hidden around when you posted your Forum pvp joke:

Edit: Quoted what i was referencing to.

Actually I thought there was an arena of some sort in the game, I have no interests in PVP until I have top gear so I never really looked into it. I wasn’t joking. :slight_smile: