New guilds forming, have questions about guild city instances


Actually, no, end game is not what someone defines as endgame. It is the currently highest tier of any category, the last step of progression. Highest raid tier, highest pvp rank and battlekeep owning, highest crafting (meghaliths rank 20, T3 ingots). RP is not part of the progression in the rules and mechanics of AoC, so there is no RP endgame.
Unfortunatly, your guilds will not see the end game in some categories. But that is how you like it, I know.


You clearly require the developer to do everything for you if that is the way you think. We are old school MMO players, back before the invention of the themepark so yes, WE say what is end game to us, not the game maker.

We stop where the fun ends, for us, not where a company tells us it ends, nor someone on a forum says it ends. Why cant some of you just give info, and end it…why do you always feel the need to tell people how to play “correctly” and then try to insult if they choose not to comply…

If you choose to limit yourself to such odd restrictions created by a board game (highest tier) over 40 years ago, and define your game by an ITEM…that is your choice…We have chosen to play in a world instead, a world that is what WE make it and we will decide what our end goal is.


Why do you always feel the need to explain and justify how you want to play the game, and tell us how cool your gang is? Why do you see insults when there are none? I am not telling you how to play “correctly”, I told you about limits build into the mechanic, and ways that will increase your progression, or decrease it. You chose you like decreased progression, that is not wrong. Your post show that you are not good with numbers, but that is not wrong either.

It is totally fine if you want to choose your own goals, or if you do not want to progress in a game. But “end game” is not an odd restriction, it is a definition. You can choose to ignore this fact, but that does not make it any less true. If you choose to not read the end of a book, because you do not want the author to tell you when you have to stop reading, that is ok, too. Nonetheless did you not read the end of the book.
Same with content in a tier based game. There is the beginning, the middle, and the end. You chose to not play the end in some categories, because you chose a bad effort/time balance, that will prevent you from getting access to the last part of the progression, which is called end game. You can call the point where you will be forced to stop “end game” if you want to - but that does not magicly turn it into end game.


I guess you are never going to read the words we actually write :rofl:

Actually, we did just that. Nobody said anything about playstyles or how to play correctly. We gave you insights into the mechanics of the game and some hard numbers to go with it. A respectful answer would have been “Thanks for the information, we’ll do it our way anyway.”

But you keep denying the information we give you, and you keep answering with scorn. Again,
it’s impressive the way you reject the knowledge and experience of long-time players simply because “that’s not how we do it.”

You should really reflect on the following words:


people to come that are into PvP, they wont want to share their instance with us as they will want to compete against other PvPers in city raids.


and what you call “city raid” has nothing to do with guild cities, and needs a t3 guild city as i explained a long time ago ! It needs you to farm a lot of other mats and build a SECOND city in border kingdoms: a battle keep.


Like cappa said; its not possible to pvp from the guildcity on a PVE realm, for that you need to make a battlekeep which is something else, located somewhere else. You guys are lacking alot of basic info for a grand plan like this one. My suggestion to you peeps is start reading the thread its all explained but you seem to ignore it.


Well enjoy!
But as a friendly advice from some people that have played THIS" mmo for many many years and know how THIS particular game works, the advice to set a goal at a time is a sound one. Make your first city, bring it to T3 and then get your battle keep. (Lose it fast as you are not big enough nor geared enoughto defend it unless you make alliances with long time PvP guilds on the server.) then decide what to do next.

The old saying of wanting too much and ending up with very little is a real danger here.

But, i have a feeling you will do your thing anyway :slight_smile:


I never asked about getting a battlekeep…I did not even know battlekeeps existed. I heard that just getting a T3 city meant being open to PvP and was explained that was not the case.

Our PvPers already decided not to come since PvP in this game is mostly dead, so they are staying where they are where its going 24/7.


OP, I saw you mention your guild names in another thread and I personally welcome back the Lords of the Dead umbrella of guilds. This game sorely needs a few more solid old timer guilds like yours. Check your PMs cause we rolled against each other back in Older games this board wont let me mention? and would love to hook up with BK Thunderbird and Viper if I can :sunglasses:

Best advice I can give you is to ignore those giving negative comments. Funcom forums are riddled with people that hide under a bridge and not nice people


Wow, TB and Viper? They havent used those names since Ultima Online/DaoC back in the days of the Black Knights/HAVOC :astonished:

Shoot me your in old guild name and i’ll see if I can hook you up with them.


@Epicmonies did you play Ultima Online on Europa? I remember a guild called Havoc (my brother used to play with them “Alchy McPott” and I played with several guilds on Europa as Katrina Blade (PHT, AI, MeN, TEAM, FATE), but was fel for life (mainly because I had far too many murder counts to ever go to Trammel)!

Ive just returned to this game as well, and loving it at the moment, if youre recruiting your guild sounds fun, pm me your ingame name if so, and I’ll send a whisper


You know I dont recall our shard name lol, ill have to ask if anyone else remembers. We were Lords of the Dead and joined forces with the Black Kights to…block entry into Lord British’s castle since we owned so many houses near it :skull_and_crossbones: we later formed one guild along with a few other smaller guilds. We took on the name HAVOC for PvP in DaoC because Black Knights was already taken by someone else and our guild names vary by game types.


hmm, those guild names arent that familiar, so im guessing you were on a different server :smiley: I think most brits were on Europa, Drachenfells was quite big as well, but mainly German, and I also played a little on the amercican servers Atlanta (or atlantic, memory fails me) and oceanic.

I still pop back every now and then, but its still subscription at £14pm and its an outdated and dead game, you can run through Fel all day and never see anyone :frowning:


It was a different shard, I asked around, it was called Baja. And yeah, its a 21 year old game so very outdated.


Yes the shard was Baja, we had epic battles against you guys for over a year!


@Kantakwa @Nephturi

The AoC branch of the LotD umbrella of guilds commenced their first test run of an RP event this weekend in which 28 RPers and 24 PvEers took part. Billed as a contest to prove their loyalty to The True Gods by contributing to the building of a temple. In the days leading up to the event, 31 players infiltrated different guilds to maximize the amount of gathering zones available, done on Crom and Saga at the same time since some are still leveling on Saga.

The 52 contestants split into 4 groups of 13. Each group of 13 split into 2 groups of 6 with 1 catch-all. Each group of 6 picked either a T1 or T2 stone or tree to gather with both staggering with a metal node (Silver, Copper, Iron, Electrum) or 2 to slow their pace down to ensure a constant flow of gathering.

The event lasted for just over 2 hours.

The event ended with
2918 Sandstone
3226 Ash
2074 Copper
987 Silver
3716 Granite
3548 Yew
1983 Iron
1358 Electrum

Most players had a starter horse with basic training and were thus, slow. All materials gathered have gone on the market to fund our official launch when Saga ends.

Judging from this early test run we could easily build several T2 cities quickly if we chose to do so by staggering our gathering and just storing the advanced materials we dont need yet especially once people learn the zones and how to maximize runs and with faster mounts their output will be higher.

The event was such a success streaming on our Discord and Twitch that 64 more players from our guilds in other games have signed on to create characters so they can take part in future special events (mostly RP) which will later have detailed stories and prizes both in game, and out.

EDITED 4/26 because the person I replied to not only lied big in his post below with hate but because the replies proving him wrong were deleted and the thread was closed. You sir are wrong, you used incorrect math by leaving out all important information. The 52 people were not all collecting the same materials and that information was broken down to show it. The total of materials divided by contestants = around 190 per hour. That you felt the need to try to undermine a guild of new players because they do not play like you do is disgusting and sad and shows why you cannot understand why we have been together for so long and across games for decades.


Wow, congrats, this is really impressive!
Great to hear that there is a new and really dedicated guild growing on Crom!


Amazing what being on a “high horse” and “stubborn” can do for a guild eh?


What is your twitch channel?