New Information about Chapter 2 released

And on top of that, Conan Exiles is not even remotely close to being one of those massively popular titles where you will always have people spending money.

Worlds apart :sweat_smile:

Popularity has an inverse relationship to core pricing. The more popular it is, the cheaper it can sell it because it has the sales transaction #'s to afford the lower price point and still cover costs and maintain monthly profit goals.

As far as cosmetics go, that was the intent of the bazaar and BP. While there maybe mistakes and or accidents made in the designs of these with respect to certain play styles (Rose window, Arcane frames, arcane book/curio cases) , I find that the majority of these to be just cosmetic stuff as well.

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I believe it’s ok for someone to spend and again it’s ok for someone not to! As long as the one who spends is pleased nothing will change his-her mind.
In the point of dlc however @DeaconElie is right. We pay the same amount now to get ten times less and most of the times incomplete sets for creative building. I don’t think however that pyramids are incomplete so @Smoketreader is right too! Everything is way more expensive now in real life too, so waiting that you’ll get something like the old dlcs in the price of 10 Euro is out of question. Yet i believe that not the building pieces are expensive but the decoratives. They are insanely expensive :man_shrugging: