New map area should be top right corner of map

There’s whole top right corner on the map that’s shaded in. Make it a new map area please. Tired seeing ark players get cool new map area every year and we get nothing. Game dosent even feel like your exploring anymore if you played for 2 years. Bring back that sense of adventure and put in a huge new map area. Imagine can advertise that it would bring in new and old players to Conan. Please give us a new map!

Please no, please no new map until the game is fixed and at a decent quality.


not going to happen. Too many threads to name…but i will break it down in simple form…

  1. That area has multiple dungeons mapped there. to test, go into single player, then ghost and god mode over there. run around and you will see some of the dungeonas already there.
  2. game objects start to act wonky the farther from 0 point of map (think middle). dungeons are given a different 0 point when you instance over there.

The only way, and i mean only way is if they did it like a dungeon where you teleport to the area, but then it would not technically be linked to the map, as you would have to have entrances to spawn in at, making it more of a special dungeon.


To be fair… a new map doesnt need to be “special dungeon”, It can be new start point.

And really, its not like same person working on fixes is same as who does maps. two, three, 17 things can be done by the team… XD

As someone who has seen map back to back… end to end… I would love a new map in Year 3.
Or even some added bits to the map we have now. (snow area could use caves and stuff on edges, Jungle could use cave or two.

And ya, as mention, the NE is filled with locations for dungeons, as is Southwest corner (which is wear Dregs is. )

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So why does ark constantly get new maps? Definitely possible this game has been out two whole years. As a Conan player we deserve it after watching ark players constantly get new maps. Don’t you want to see the map complete and have the top right unshaded?

Huge section to right of the volcano screaming use me! Lol complete the map is my opinion

Have you read above? The dungeons are there, allowing players to build there would spell disaster, with the claim despawning everything and such.

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You can’t play all of arks maps (DLC arenas) on 1 server. Each map has its own files. That why in ark you create a level 1 character on each new map. Each new map in Ark is like playing a different version of Ark.

Cause they care nothing about quality, you can enter the mesh of every single piece of any map by walking dinos backward.

I’ll rather have them fix the gamebreaking bugs than making a new map, we have a devkit, why don’t YOU make a new map, for free, in your spare time?

I rather the map stays the same. Conan Exiles is a HUGE world.

Ark has gotten 3 official and then they ported over Mod made ones. But one of issues with ARK thou…they get new maps, and old ones are all but put on the “forgot to fix it” list.

You buy dlcs and basically to play on new maps, which they fix till next map.

Inless they move dungeons hidden up there. Its not a use-able space. =/

Thou there enough space on some of edges to add abit of cliff or some fun.

Was… its pretty small and seen to me at this point, =/ Its rare I see something new on maps, ands its only cause they updated it.

I rathe the map stays as it is,but get better graphics and other items aded to it.

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You wan’t the game to get slower?

Not entirely accurate. What happens is you can “ascend” off of one ark and onto another. Essentially export/import your character from one map to another. They’ve got a whole cutscene about it after you beat the final boss on The Island, all flying through space and everything. So you don’t have to start a new level one character every time you want a different map. You can even take some of your dinos and equipment with you if you want.

But yeah, each map is on it’s own server, which is how they get around the engine limitations that make expanding existing maps problematic at best.

Personally I would like it if they changed the end game, instead of removing the bracelet it would create a portal to a new world where you can start a new life without the bracelet or you find a portal somewhere on the current map. Level 60 is max level for the current map (unless you have a mod), make the next map 60-100. This new map could have all new Biomes, make it like the “Land of the Lost” type theme or an Island and the end game would be to build a ship to get off the Island, which would mean that you would have to find the right Thralls to make the ship and new feats like Navigation. Adding a new map so you can continue your journey would be awesome.

To anyone who want a new map:

install the devkit and make one on your own. Who’s stopping you?

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Mhm… think it was a better solution to transfer the player to a new real map instead to build the dungeons und passages below the map. i checked it right now its really funny and wont believe it ^^

i knew that the dungeons are on the same map but this… sick :smiley:

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I think it’s an unreal engine limitation. Everything has to be on one map.

Dev kit? I’m a PlayStation 4 player FYI. Move the dungeons then and make space usable it’s super odd to have such a shaded area and it never evolves. Makes game seem half finished. Map is not huge if you played the game for two years. Nothing new to explore. Put dungeons under the map or something. Go play black dessert 2 map makes Conan look like a small back yard. Listen people they already added new maps. Jungle map was added and the frozen north that was years ago. Telling me impossible to do that one more time?! Don’t want excuses from lazy devs we deserve a new map! All the dlcs are reskined buildings mats. I’ve bought every one there’s nothing special about any of them. Like idea bout high level endgame area maybe the volcano could explode on that side and a metal could rain down like star metal over there. Definitely doable and after two years as fans we deserve a real new addition and dlc. Plus could advertise it. It could bring in new players and bring old players back. Also telling me to do it with a dev kit but the devs can’t do it with their own dev kit?.. Does that really make any sense? I play on official servers only

It can’t be done, they’ll need to make a new map. I would rather prefer they address and fix the major game breaking bugs that are afflicting the game. Please.

Fixing the game for good will get old players back. Also did you know they are already working on another game right? they stated they have different teams working on different projects, so it will not overshade conan development, but from past experiences, i highly doubt that, and pardon me for my skepticism.