New map size vs Current Map

The new map is described as “huge” and “vast”. How big will the map be vs the base map? Will it be around the same size or being an expansion, a lot smaller than the original?


some news sites, said it will be 3/4 of the map right now

“some news sites” ???

Would love to know. Also, it is an island. How much of the surrounding water are we able to enjoy building and swimming in?

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But it is German
“eine neue Spielwelt - die etwa drei Viertel der Größe der bisherigen Karte erreicht.”

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Some people did something?
The DEV steam is where you heard it.

Maybe CNN The Computer News Network.

If you would see i showed my reference, why even commenting on something that is long over due

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Where it comes to area the new map is as large as Desert + Jungle.
But it’s symmetrical, north/south and east/west as well. So the effective size is about a quarter of its area size.

firespark did the experiment and compared both, it is in his channel

What the hell, dude? This whole discussion – and the article DrejDrej linked to – took place before the dev stream.

Hey there,

It was stated during the stream in chat by Ignasis that the Isle of Siptah map is roughly 75% of the Exiled Lands map, as mentioned earlier.
There was so much to cover with the stream, it probably just didn’t make it into @Multigun’s Developer Stream Recap: September 11, 2020.

If you are okay with spoilers from the sky, Firespark’s video should give you an idea of it:

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