New Playable race/races?

. . . Any chance of adding playable races they are humanoid? like snake skinned humans, and cat furred, or dog furred humans of sorts, nothing to animal like. . .for reasons that clothes already in game can fit them easier , this game has a great role play platform to it, emotes, dances, mechanics of all sorts and a good modding community to support the game. I derp around on second life a lot, and me and a number of other people’s on there would enjoy some anthro races in Conan Exiles

Anthro avatars you can use in second life and these ones look better in Second Life than in image, you can see their details a lot better, but dropping links to a few here. Can find them in Second Life’s market place online.



Male avatars



Female versions of the same avatar, again they look better in Second Life than in pictures/ images but posted them to give an idea as to what i’m getting at, this game has a great Role play aspect to it, would be great if more playable options where thrown into it. If you need to,can throw in more lore of the non-normal creatures to get them to fit into the game better.

Short version: no.

Longer version: that would be completely at odds with the setting, so it would never happen. The world of Conan is not a high fantasy setting like Middle Earth or whatever the Elder Scrolls world is called or any other of a dozen other fantasy worlds, those things just flat-out do not exist there. So, since Funcom is committed to staying true to the setting that Robert E. Howard created, the chances of them adding high fantasy elements like anthropomorphic animal races are about as high as the moon turning into a baked potato.

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As stated by BooderParty the answer is simply no as it would not fit into the Hybroian Age at all.

I’ll agree that chances are slim at best, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say that it’s not against the setting of Hyborian Age. We have lizard people in the game already, we have werehyenas and werewolves. (Don’t know about felines, but I’d trust the randy Jhebbal Sag to stamp some out too. ^^) Granted though, in stories, they’re mostly faceless foes without much character.

True to how unlikely it is for something like this to make it’s way in game, but its worth a post to try and make it happen, worst case scenario is gatta find modders to make it happen, But still i Gatta try, Conan Exiles does have a great role play aspect to it that many games these days lack in favor of “battle Royal”, they could sell it off separately as Optional DLC :open_mouth: for their efforts on making them, sell them separately, but that’s just an idea, and i’m not big on Conan lore so IDK what was in there ,in the books

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