New Recycling Machine

Funcom So am I getting this right the Recycling machine will give you back 100% of materials? So you could theoretically just get infinite experience crafting and dismantling? I asked about this on stream today and the question was dodged. Also why is this not available on testlive?

Ps: Recommendation Wish they would do a 10 min Q/A at end of the streams for any of their funcom games for that day.

Presently it is a place holder in the TestLive build. I am not sure when it will be functional. They have hinted at :soon: soonish.

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From my experience making a machine that takes in an item and break it down is fairly easy. And in my own version i had it set to 70% return so its not all wasted but shouldnt make for infinite. On that note I wonder if they would be willing to do something like only on first crafted you get experience.

The idea here is to slow player experience gain and make them to do a variety of things to gain experience and like you said to prevent infinite experience exploit.

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That would remove the possibility to exploit this new mechanic when it does get pushed thru. How about after the first crafting, you get 25% the xp from there on out for that item.

that a good point… In Final Fantasy 14 to which I’ve been playing a lot uses this system… but they have a mini-game to their crafting… to which i love Because it Engage the player to think about their quality of item. so for instance if you have the right crafting gear on you could craft higher version if the said item.

In a sense we have this with thrall and ranking … but it shouldn’t stop there… it should be further to equip our thrall / ourselves to increase quality of item and the chance of getting better armor and weapon. I alway like the idea of Controlled skill combine with random but the skill increases your odds.

I hear if you toss in a T4 Buscemi you get back a plaid flannel, $75k and an Academy Award. #Fargo


I love garbage disposal agents…
In ARK it was the grinder. Gives ALOT of XP when grinding wood into thatch… which gave the machine’s name “Grinder” a new meaning. I loved that…cuz I could salvage useless items… in CE it’d be stuff like ordinary (non flawless) weapons for star metal for instance.

Then came the Gacha… a creature which eats EVERYTHING (even faeces and cosmetic skins…) and turn it into whatever resource you selected on it’s list, which is random per Gacha. It’s an insanely addictive mechanic.

The closest joy to that on CE is I have a few animal pens with gold and silver rocknoses.

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Perhaps the carcasses of dead pets are meant to be served in sorcery as a means to increase corruption… wow that’s dark.

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Or Taxidermy :stuck_out_tongue:
Trophies, but full body.

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