New server from ping perfect

closed my old server from g-portal, was way to buggy, laggy, hell you name it, just rented a new server from ping perfect, on (ssd, extreme performance, incesses cpu priority, better tickrate and all the other bells and whistless that g-portal could’t offer).

pve 40 slots, +mods (would appreciate an experienced server manager to join me in getting things setup like players like, admin an server administration would be granted, but no child, a mature adult.)

server is lacated in Montreal EST COAST NORTH.
name - Exiles Fast Crating PVE (Ping Perfect) Server.
ip+port -

server was setup last night, so fresh start.

Discord Chanel :

the offer still holds, your telling me no experienced player doesn’t want a chance to take this offer??, even if it meens starting from level 0 ???.

this server is more then twice the price of g-portals, i need someone with experience to help manage it.
Discord Chanel :

wel i guess no players come here, if i had the choice between 20-36 ticks from g-portal, and 128 ticks pro gamer pp servers from were i’m renting now (of course withs a slight …fee) well have fun probably talking to no-one anyway.