New Stamina System

just found out that sprinting does not cost any stamina, also fast walk (+shift) has not stamina costs either.
also can now climb for miles before I run out of stamina.

Combat is heavily changed, alomst no breaks needed to refill stamina as attacks cost far less and it only has to regenerate to 1 above zero to be able to attack again.

somehow the game become more “causal” than I would like.

What’s difference betweeen sprinting and fast walk (shift)?

The problem is stamina regeneration and by that horse combat is op vs normal combat even more.

So I just logged in to try it and my stamina is going down when climbing and sprinting? Was there a recent fix since the original post??

sprinting = not Overencumbered and running with “shift”
fast walk = Overencumbered and walking with “shift”

both made you move faster but it did cost stamina, so it was only possible for a short time.

now, that there are no stamina costs for sprinting and fast walk, normal running and walking became obsolete as they are slower than walking/running with shift.

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Sprinting does cost stamina, and your self called “fast walk” (just goddam sprinting with full enc) also costs stamina - it’s just same, but when you are full enc you are slower which is obvious and you regen stam slower. Maybe you are playing different game?

Why you call it sprinting / fast walk - its just same - SPRINTING, just with overcumbered.


hum, running naked, and i have stamina cost as usual, tried with a gear to run, and i have staminea cost, toon with 17 grit.

are you playing on a modded server ? grit ? gear ?

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Agree — I just tested it again and I do lose stamina when sprinting and climbing (I just fell off a cliff testing it LOL).

It does appear that that stamina use might be less per action but I’m not sure yet.

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ok, have to correct myself.

just logged back in and sprinting (normal and overencumbered) does cost stamina, also had to download some MB , before I was able to start the game again. maybe it was an unintended effect, which has been corrected.

Also the drain seems to be inconsistent. when I overload myself in my base, I do not lose stamina. the drain starts outside of my base or land owned by me. but this could be a feature.

the stamina costs are much lower than they were before.

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Yeah I had that same update when I first tried logging in a little bit ago so wondered if a quck fix.

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I logged in before the quick update and after and I had stamina consumption for running at both times. I have no idea what that poster is referring to.

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All 64 of them?

That’s the peak number of individual players who played in Testlive in the last 30 days. I’m at fault here too since I don’t run a testlive environment (I have other duties involving the game so I don’t have the time). But if the test environment cannot even fill a proper server than how are they supposed to get enough information.

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Dude… you compare all time peak to TOTAL number of players that tested it at different times, different days? You can’t be that stupid…

Actions take less stamina
Recovery takes longer to fill stamina

This basically makes it so you can fight longer, but have to recover longer. So make your start worth.

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That is the total number of players that tested in 30 days. Not for a single day, but unique players over 30 days. If you want to dispute it, then give your evidence.

What? First you show me evidence that you are certain that only 64 unique players were testing it in last month.

EDIT: Here’s steam charts for last 1 month, it shows around 60 players at PEAK which means there was 60 players AT SAME TIME, and you sir are idiot if you think that’s TOTAL number of players. There could be even hundreds, people just play at different times / different time of days.

Can confirm @Taemien

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Read what i said on edit as you clearly don’t understand what PEAK means - it’s number of players that were playing at SAME MOMENT, SAME TIME, SAME SECOND, there was hundreds of people playing it at different time zones / time of day.

I see the problem:

First he said it correctly, but used it wrongly, then he explained it incorrectly as well. I only read his first comment and yeah, 64 is peak for the last month. Not total though.


Same here, we have unlimited stamina essentially

You don’t use stamina when doing actions? That must be bugged then, can You tell me how to reproduce it?

Ps. Do You have mods installed?