New stuff that doesn`t make any sense

I am in love with this new update new content and changes, but there is some stuff that doesn`t seem to add up…

First and the biggest one: Is the spear animation for hitting and rolling intentional?
Dont get me wrong, the spear needed the dmg nerf but before you could hit and roll with no need to wait the whole animation until its last frame, like in the example:
That made some really good fighting tatics that most players couldnt pulloff without training. Like hit roll hit and right now it does not work and does not seem to be intentional. The spear is the only weapon with this, meaning that you can hit and roll with ANY OTHER weapon in the game with no need to complete the animation.
Another point to make is, if a player pulls out a 2handed sword right now, im just gonna stop and wait for him to do his combo from a safe distance, cause there is no way im getting close to that, get crippled and taking a lot more dmg than just poking him. This makes pvp a lot more passive, as in before i could hit him and roll, making so that he stopped the combo and force him to strategise more before trying again.

Second: I understood the nerf in brimstone in the beginning of the patch. That sincronized well with the fact that the dragonpowder was cheaper, but now it`s just frustrating. Is there a point to maintain this nerf right now?

Third: Raw ash reduction, to a point i think this dropped a lot before with no need, but why the huge nerf? It is easier to farm gold than ashes right now, plus with the bestial potions decay timer now it makes this nerf a lot worse and its frustrating for old players. A nice reduction on drop would be understandable and reasonable, but this down to the ground nerf is not.

Fourth: In game balance with the new ‘balanced’ thralls from sepermeru. No need to hunt for t4 fighter thrall and archers in the volcano anymore. For a fighter, just get a 100% spawn rate captain in sepermeru (city with no requirements and no difficulties to get to) and for archers just go to unnamed city and get the brand new hunters. This need to be reviewed cause this thralls are just too overpowered and way to easy to obtain. In my opinion it makes no sense at all to have a city close to the low lvl desert that have thralls equally strong as the ones in the hardest area to get and survive in the game (volcano).

This were the changes that made me confuse, and to add more to the post i`ll report that the stam + last hit spear bug is still working, just changed the way you ‘start’ the glitch. Right now you just hit the air till the last spear hit and at the last move you press x+backspace twice and fast.

And my apologies for any english language mistake made in this post. It is not my main language and i do not have a lot of practice with it.


I think there many good points in you post. :smiley:

I mentioned the brimstone in some other tread, and of course the ash goes the same way.
Also let’s say brimstone is also need to build, not only for dragonpowder, and it’s a pain now, ever in executionner entrance, other caves, and all other spots i tried.

The rollback, yes, it can be confusing, i want just add, did you ever try to roll with a spear in a hand in rl ? :rofl:

Balance isn’t never easy, that’s a fact, and some points need some revision, and will get it.

About the thralls, yes, i think Sepermeru especially may be a bit easy catch now, while it was hard to get out good thralls from the volcano, and still is.
The city may be a bit more challenging, especially if you want do the run alone.
I know the idea behind was more to give some other points of interessant, and avoid the still run to the north and volcano, but i totally got your idea.

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I’d impale myself, that’s assuming I didn’t do so while picking up the damn thing in the first place :rofl:


Rolling on the ground while others are trying to run you through has never been popular in real life martial arts, which is why most schools teach how to block with your weapon. Roll-dodging is just an action movie/computer game thing because it looks cool and dynamic. But let’s leave it at that.

The decision to add max-level content to the middle of the map was, in my opinion, a good one. Yes, it gives lower-level players access to top-tier stuff sooner, although nothing really ever prevented a low-level player from wandering up to the Volcano and clobbering up a few thralls there. The fact that most of Sepermeru is non-hostile (until you attack someone) does make it easier to approach, but when it comes to the stabby-hurty part, the low-level player has to work hard for their thralls. And getting the Treasure seekers out of the Unnamed City is no walk in the park for a low-level player either.

What the update does is give max-level players things to do outside the Volcano. Prior to this update, the far north was the only place worth your time if you were max level. Now you can play closer to the center of the map, and (if you play multiplayer) possibly interact with the newbies who play on the same server but can’t make it to the Volcano yet.

Did the game get easier with this update? Considering how much better the human NPCs are now at using their weapons, I’d say no. More rewarding if you’re up to the challenge, yes.


I checked the spear animation montages. Before the patch, the CancelDodgeWindow covered all the animation, that mean you could cancel the animation with a dodge any time.
Now the CancelDodgeWindow start AFTER the colision, that mean you can cancel the animation only after your attack are supposed to make damage. I dont think it’s a bug, cause this change is on every heavy attacks of the spear animations.
Anyway I think it’s a good thing to punish the pokers and maybe change a little the meta.

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Hey there,

We’re moving this thread to General Discussions as there is no bug reported, just a discussion of the new changes.

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This is a good point, but it diminishes the vulcano fighters and archers purpose on the game, and i just can`t understand that. I mean, right now unnamed city is a good ‘must go’ on the center on the map, but doing that at the cost of leaving the vulcano only for gold and ashes ( if you have played long enought you will understand). In my opinion the thralls of unnamed city are in a good place, they could even be stronger, but should be impossible to capture them (just like the bosses), as for sepermeru thralls it would make sense if they were as strong as cimmerians, but not votaries.

The spear meta is not going to change AT ALL trust me, except from archery, that is going to be a must in group fights.
The spear meta is heavly reliant on the attack range, plus good and fast animation attacks. What this animation change does is reduce some high level moves that you could use in combat, and by doing this you can count on ppl that are smart in pvp doing just what i said before, just plain stopping and waiting for their enemy to miss their entire combo with other weapons (boring combat). Nonetheless all other weapons CancelDodgeWindow still cover their entire animation.

If you really test it out, you come to realize that you can remove the spear from your hand at any given time, the attack still registers on the enemy ( except if you do it really really early) and you can still roll after, so changing the cancel window really does not change much at all, only the combos that i quoted before.

Just a thought to be throw out in the wind: A really good weapon would be daggers if they actually gave hyper armor in some attacks and their hitbox were somehow fixed (sometimes even really close to the target the attack misses).

I was in doubt about the spear animation, cause the change was never mentioned in any of the patch notes.
And there is the last combo hit bug too.
But i get it, it turned out to be a discussion. So, i`m sorry. >D


I love the thrall changes. Before it was really hard to justify building a base anywhere other than the north. Now theres actually a reason you might build a base in the desert late game (or have multiple outposts) without having to travel halfway across the map for thralls.

The volcano is still a significant location for obsidian/gold/named thralls. Although admittedly obsidian could use some changes to be more worthwhile.

I wish they’d add similar late game thralls to the jungle somewhere for the same reason


Agreed, it feels bad that even after all they’ve been thru, the Lemurians are such push-overs in combat. It feels like there’s very little reason to be in the Swamp or Jungle unless you just like the the aesthetic.

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I have more than three thousand hours of gameplay and I can make an extensive list of problems I found, besides we still have these nerffs, I think it’s great that we can now have so many options to pick alchemists and other NPC T4, but you reduce the resources is to extend with one hand is to take with the other.

  1. There were places that used to get 10k of sulfur before, now it’s impossible for you to get 5K. This is an example of the problem, but I can cite many others who have the same problem.

  2. Another point is the reduction of the regeneration factor that was before x1 is now x0.5

  3. The most complicated of all is that any NPC Warrior or Archer you have in your clan can be defeated and captured by an enemy clan easily, just put a Pluto in the hand of the NPC and approach the enemy base and then wait for everyone to be down. This is a great loss and imbalance because of the expanse and complexity one has to capture and maintain NPCs.

  4. What was promised by FunC0n that they would have forms of defense against avatars, such as arrows and siege weapons, but not a weapon reduces the time of attack, leaving impotent who is being attacked, especially against Jheball that is exceeding the limits of attack, in the own site of FunC0n affirms that we will have these defenses, but neither of them works to defend against this type of attack. thus completely unbalancing the game. In that there is no survival, but rather many people use bugs to attack, or gain advantage, leaving players missing and vulnerable.

  1. PVP, before the spear attack animation did not affect the character’s movement, you could attack and rotate correctly, currently or you hit or defend yourself.

Corrections have been applied, many changes, but I consider these points the most critical.

sorry for some mistakes

Agreed, volcano thralls should be the top end thralls of the game considering where it’s located, how you have to deal with the heat, the lava and how taugh the fights are over there.
Sepermeru should be a late-midgame early -lategame location in term of combat thralls imo, Nothing more.

Now you’ll see less and less players venturing in the volcano, which is sad.

Just to let you guys know. We are always happy to look at balance and thankful for your input on this.

The CancelDodgeWindow covers the entire animation just for the heavy attack. The light attack works the same way still. That being said + the fact that nothing has been mentioned about animation nerfs before neither on the patch notes, and the fact that we know they were tweaking spears’ damage (so messing with spears’ code/settings/tables) makes me believe this is an unintentional change.
Yea, right now is just a matter of either you hit or defend. PVP got worse skillwise.

What Funcom should aim for is improving other weapon’s animations in order to make them more reliable/smooth and tweaking their status debuff/effect. Id tank a spear hit if I knew I could knockdown my opponent with my first 2-handed hammer heavy hit.

“Combat rolling” will get you killed in reality, no matter what your weapon is. No human is agile and flexible enough to do it like games show.

So what you are saying is that this post was a bug, and you hotfixed it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry guys you all talk about this Captain thrall in Serpermeru being now the best around, how many HPs it has?

Sep Captains have 7425 HP. Same as Vathis the Hierophant, or other Volcano T4’s.

Uhm… Spinas and Daisha have 6750 or such right now, checked Yesterday, and Sep captain is spawnin 100%? lol

Votarie fighter 4 Spinas and Daicas have 7425 hp, same for Relic hunter captain. They changed the thrall blueprint, but I think the change is not retroactive on those thrall already converted before the patch.
Unnamed city treasure hunters have 6750 hp, 13500 for boss.