New stuff that doesn`t make any sense

Uhm… darn… and you can tame the unnamed treasure boss too? no right?

And about the captain… well untill Funcom will give it a nerf will have to nerf it on our own, let the Sepermeru’s wheel bombing start xD

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Boss can’t be captured by the way.

While i think these is the unnamed city may be ok, may… The captain in Seper is def a bit OP right now with his healthpoints.
I mean, i get the idea of placing some more valuable thralls here and there, so not all just are rushing north and volcano.
But again, it’s to much ! He could have around 4-5000 health max, and still would be fine for the area. Maybe also not a 100% spawn. Other thralls are really sparse are hard to get, so this seems way to much.

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Well, before the update the Cimmerian Berserker was the go-to for many players. He’s not that hard to find either. The Captain is somewhat tougher, and easier to catch without many friends if you time your strike right (he/she usually hangs out with a T3 archer, and another patrol of T3 fighter and archer wander nearby, but the latter duo can be avoided if you wait for them to separate). The biggest difference is that Sepermeru isn’t aggressive, so you can wait for the right moment, clobber the Captain and walk away, unlike at Mounds where you have to murder every passer-by and their step-aunt if you want a moment’s peace.

And you can park a Wheel of pain right next to Sepermeru or the Mounds, so you don’t need to drag the unconscious warrior halfway across the map in either case. So the difficulty of catching either is pretty similar. Perhaps the rewards should be similar, too.

As I said earlier, I like end-game content closer toward the center of the map so that we don’t need to spend all of our end-game at the Volcano, but getting our good stuff too easily makes the Volcano redundant. In my opinion, the rewards at Sepermeru/Unnamed city should be of equal level with the Volcano (otherwise the end-game focuses back to the Volcano), but so should the challenges. So maybe instead of Sepermeru, the finest fighter thralls should be found in the Unnamed City where you at least need to make an effort to catch the guys and drag them back home (although some Relic Hunter spawns are easy to reach without encountering anyone in the City, and the biggest challenge to catching them is my Captain killing them all before I can KO them because I always forget to bring a truncheon for her…).

On the other hand, and this is purely my personal preference, the Captain should be the best and toughest of all. Maybe just make him/her less easy to farm.

Like said above, i understand fullly the idea of dispatching bit the centers of interest accross the map. But again, the 7000 and more HP are bit overdone.

To go for Dalinsia or other mounds berserkers, you will need some preparation.
I play mostly solo, so mounds or Seper, i go alone. While i like the mounds for the special feeling, and go often early, most player will stop earlier in Sepermeru than run north. Also no need for special armour, warmer stuff and such. Sure, you need also drag your captain out, that’s a fact, but at the mounds, same, and there are cute skeletons to great you. Sure, once you know the place, you know where place your WOP.
But still, i think bit less points, and not a 100% would be fine.

I’d certainly much rather he was more difficult to catch, then him getting nerfed (back) into irrelevance. I don’t even mind if he was better than the now-unobtainable Vathis, and I’m saying that as someone who has a chest full of, er, “Vathises” (including a few female ones!) from before.

Not 100% - yes. Hell, make him 5%, it’s still all good. But once you DO get the bastard, he should be relevant. So less points - no thanks.

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In the meantime, ive built an 8 man wheel by Sep and filled it with captains. I suggest you all do the same.

I could be wrong, but to me it seems like a Berserker or Spinas from Vulcano do a lot more damage with the same weapon as a Captain from Sepermeru does in a fight, they might have the same hp, but I think there’s a difference in how much damage they deal :slight_smile:

I’ve heard this before. I haven’t done enough testing to say one way or another if there are any hidden stats (such as a damage multiplier) on Thralls. Summoning @Multigun who I believe is the best bet for giving us an answer (maybe).

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I am happy to have other options besides just the volcano to acquire top notch thralls. A new “boss” zone is fantastic, and it DOES make sense for it to be in the former capitol of an alien city. That is exactly where the most successful, experienced and prosperous explorers (relic hunters) would be. Not scrapping it up with low life pirates or exiles… or living in a freaking volcano? Nobody does that except lizard men.

Regarding Captain, he’s always on guard, its his job! And as soon as someone takes him away, a new guy gets promoted to Captain! Sepermeru has plenty of people living in it to supply endless on demand Captains, whether they are any good at their job or not.

The brimstone nerf, hurts a little, but I walked away last night with 2.2k brimstone from salt flats, rather than the usual 4k+. I can live with it, considering it takes me a month to burn through 4k, 2.2k is one extra trip for me. And if you grind alot and burn through it, whats a trip a week? They nodes there now take 1 hit instead of 2. This results in the ability to totally ignore mobs and run from node to node without ever stopping. It’s much faster to harvest 2.2k now, than it was to harvest 4.4k. Literal walk in the park, right outside of an obelisk. The resource is now slightly harder to acquire (in bulk) than it used to be, I can work with that.)

I am happy overall with the newest patch/update. And look forward to whatever is next.

I was wondering the same , so i went to my SP game to check that.

  • Naked captain with obsidian spear needs an average number of 13 hits to kill an elk king

  • Naked daicas needs exactly the same number of hits to kill the same ennemy with the same weapon

The number of Hits needed to kill the elk king can vary between 12 -14 but for me it’s 100% sure they do the exact same amount of dmg. The diff comes down to the number of heavy attacks and kicks they do.

i ran this test 5 times with the exact same results each time.

Conclusion: T4 volcano fighter = captain from sepermeru


Or don’t like the extremes of the frozen North or Volcano. I make frequent trips to both though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh I can find plenty of reasons to visit the frozen north and volcano. Hunting Star Metal meteors is relaxing, and the volcano is the easiest spot to farm wood and gold. Plus even with the NPC changes, I still find it more efficient to recruit archery interns from the volcano. :slight_smile:


Could you DM me what I’m supposed to be looking at. I won’t remember to look because of today’s patch, I’m going to be scrambling even more then I already have been.

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Thanks for testing this :slight_smile:
Still I am wondering about some of the T4 fighters, a T4 from Vulcano is very easy to knock out with an upgraded steel truncheon while a captain from Sepermeru seems a bit harder and a berserker from mounds is definitely hard and fights back like a beast, but once enthralled they are all the same, it feels a bit weird.


Np :smiley:
This might comes down to their armor rating maybe. Cimmerian armor > steel armor > reptilian armor

Personnally i’m having a much easier time to K.O a berserk than a spinas or a daicas, as i have way more room to maneuver at the mounds. But the most important thing is that they use spears whereas berserk use 2 H which is way easier to dodge imo.
It’s been a long time i haven’t K.O a captain though but i assume they still wield a spear and wear steel armor, right?

Yep, Captains tend to have a spear and vanilla Heavy Armor. They hit like monsters with that pointy stick and can take quite a few whacks from a steel baseball bat before taking a nap.

Yes the armor and weapons they are using before being captured may play a role, but something else that I just discovered makes me think that something isn’t right…
Daicas The Sharp has 7425 hp
Sepermeru Captain has 7425 hp
Dalinsia Snowhunter has 5805 hp
Cimmerian Berserker has 5130 hp
Hyborean T3 Fighter/Archer has 5250 hp
T4 named bearer has 9900 hp
Stygian/Zamorian T3 dancer has 5250 hp
Cimmerian T3 Entertainer has 3990 hp

What I am wondering about is all these thralls were placed long before the patch, it doesn’t make sense to me why a cimmerian berserker has lower hp than a T3 fighter and 2 T3 Dancer/Entertainer has different hp value? :thinking:

By no means should any thrall from Sepermeru be anywhere near a top tier thrall. Just because the Unnamed CIty was revamped doesn’t mean Sepermeru got harder, it really didn’t. It’s the only friendly settlement in the game, it is newbie city. His HP either needs to be halved or surround him with 6 or so T3 fighters on point with the Devotees in the cano. A newish player getting a thrall of that caliber significantly drops the difficulty of the game.

You should be established enough to survive the cold of the north and heat of the volcano before roaming around with a 7k HP fighter at your side.

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Wait, what? That doesn’t seem right. I do happen to have one or two of those, but they’re in the vault since I haven’t felt like risking them yet…

Incidentally, it appears that there IS a “damage” stat (or two, to be exact, one for melee, one for ranged) for NPCs, but the jury is still out on whether those have any effect on converted thralls, or if they only matter when the NPC is “in the wild”. I take no credit for this knowledge/discovery, it’s all Multigun.

I think it’s better to create a new thread for this discussion. if you’re interested, you can have a look here New changes about THRALLS EFFICIENCY after march 2019 patch
Hopefully this will clarify a few things.