New thrall icons

I am looking for a link that explains the new thrall icons and a link that shows the vitality score for fighter thralls. I believe but not confirmed that the best highest health non purge fighter is Dalinsia Snowhunter.
another question is which if any blacksmith can make the legendary weapons and armor repair kits,

This link will show you everything in detail. Halfway down the page you will see the icons listed with each thrall. Thrall - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

The thralls with hammers can make the legendary kits. The armorer makes the armor kits, the blacksmith makes the weapons kits.

As for the best fighter, it really depends on which bonus attributes they get during training but the general consensus is that Beastmaster Teimos is overall the best, with the highest achievable health on CE. I cannot speak for IoS.


@JJDancer ,Your Beri is topless ? omg thank god the thrall limit won’t touch our crafters .

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