New user looking for a few tips on how to get started

For a few quick tips on getting started as a new user

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General tips I give to new players on the server where I play:

  • make a shelter: having a shelter prevent you from dying by sandstorms, could not be so easy to find a refuge from them while into the wilds.

  • follow journey step: second thing you need is level up, faster way is to follow journey steps until the game will ask you to defeat the kinscourge or the witch queen.
    Not because they are task you cannot complete at level 40… but because the recipe you learn as reward requires you to be level 60 :sweat_smile:

  • Explore: third tip is you gain a lot of experience by exploring and finding new locations of the map.

General tips:

  • When you’ll find a boss in the wild (3 skulls on its health bar) don’t fight it if you don’t know what are ou doing. They’re really strong and the reward is the key for their legendary chest with a (radom) legendary weapon or shield in it… BUT you can use those Keys only if you are level 60.

  • Feats and recipes: when you level up you’ll gain attributes points and feats points. Feats allow you to craft new things. But there are also a LOT of recipes in the Wilderness to be found or acquired, they work like a feat.

  • Thrall and pets: acquiring the feats to enslave people and taming aniamls use them: thralls in crafting stations reduce time and/or resource needed to craft things, best thralls have also their own recipes.

Pet, fighters and archers can follow you and helping you fighting or just be placed to watch your base against enemies.
Bearers and some pets also have a lot of slot in their inventories to help you to transport your loot.

  • Purges: under your character in inventory screen you’ll see a bar with a marker more or less at 75% of it. when the bar fills up to that marker you’ll be elegible for a purge. A purge is an event of 1 up to 7 waves of enemies attacking one of your bases.
    It’s also a rare chance to capture almost uniques thralls with unique recipes.

Check this topic to learn more:

The game don’t tell you all the things you can do, for example when you’ll place your first campfire nothing will tell you what you can cook on it.

It’s a try-fail-retry process to learn all things… but if you want just check

This are my suggestions where to place your base:

Good luck for your journeys in exiled lands :slight_smile:


Great overview @Born2bAlive.

I would add, if you play on officials, mind the decay. You have to actively maintain your structures or they will just disappear. Connecting the structures extends the decay timer up to 168 hours. Craft a repair hammer and check how long you have before your structures decay. You can also hold tab on pc, not sure about the consoles.

Learn to log out naked with your stuff safely stored in a locked chest. You may die while offline and lose your items.

When you die you will drop all your stuff and anyone can loot it. If not looted, after some minutes your body and loot will disappear. You can have 2 respawn points (1 bed and 1 bedroll). Place a bed in your “base” and bind it to your char and carry a bedroll around. If you see that you may be in danger, place a bedroll so that you can quickly respawn and grab your stuff if you happen to die.


@Born2bAlive the wiki pages on the purge include said information. If any details are missing or if any notes are incorrect, be sure to let us know here, on the discord or on the wiki. Feel free to contribute yourself (Anyone can contribute to the wiki - Help editing, translating or give feedback! - May 2019)

It would be nice to get the up to pace, obviously. It’s not something people look into these days, but it would be a good resource if it was.

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Start your own server using Solo/Co Op an just work it out at your own pace, if something confuses you or game text for items isn’t clear enough just use google by typing Conan Exiles how to insert what your looking for.

Thats basically how i learned, i spent a few weeks in solo learning to build, working out weapons armour, exploring to get to know locations and failing alot. Don’t be put of with failing it probably without doubt happen alot an dont be afraid to mess about with server settings for solo to also find what you like and also dont be afraid to restart :stuck_out_tongue:

The most obvious - therefore most overlooked - thing you should consider is what type of game play you are after : PVP or PVE and choose the proper server for it.

There are 3 server rule sets :

  • PVP : you and your base, stuff stored in your base and thralls/pets are constantly under threat of other players.
  • PVE-C : You are constantly under threat of other players. But your base, the stuff stored at your base and your thralls/pets are attackable only on specific times
  • PVE : no player v player.
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This is not entirely correct not to say it is mostly incorrect:

  • PVP - 24/7 pvp, limited raid windows, during which thralls/pets will damage and can be damaged by players and the damage to buildings is enabled, stations unlocked, chests can be locked, higher rates than PVE
  • PVE-C - limited pvp window, no raiding, pets/thralls won’t attack and can’t be attacked by players, stations and chests locked
  • PVE - no pvp or raiding, stations and chests locked.
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Thank you for correcting my mistakes.

I’ve mixed PVP and PVE-C quite alot :innocent:

Make a bedroll often and use them while exploring or before fights with world bosses and such.

Make a repair hammer and learn stability basics.

I would suggest NOT playing solo/coop vs an easygoing PVE server. Why? Because most people in-game are willing to answer any questions you have in chat. Situations you dont even know exist yet may pop up. If you have to keep running to the wikki everytime it really takes away from the game play. Just announce yourself as a new player on most PVE and PVE-C servers and you will probably find a ton of helpful people.


I agree, if you play on a PvE or PvE-C server, people also tend to build some infrastructure (maprooms, etc.) and tend to help newbies :slight_smile:

A lot of really really great advice for a new player here.

One of the things I would suggest would be to head by the dregs to the defari camp. Make a few weapons and get decent with them.

In the beginning I would suggest a javelin as its the single highest dps weapon and easy to make. And when the duribility is about to break you can chuck it.

Grab Defari weapons. Which are not great. But useful enough. But there is a lot of chests which are useful.

The main reason you want to be here is that you can farm defari light which is strength. It Will break on you but its armor for free. And its a journey.

Also the stone skinning knife which will help you immensely in the beginning.


Enjoy and dont rush it.


And if he is on console do you suggest he put his mic on an yell “help me im new” in every new area he goes?

Console and PC different beasts when it comes to social, he doesnt specify what platform he on an if it console i’d really recommend solo until you know a wee bit atleast.

I been on alot of console server on p4, official and unofficial, and unless im really really unlucky ppl generally aren’t as social simply because of no easy in game text chat and unofficial server admins will just ban you if you build on wrong place without a word said.

Hence again i say play solo until you are comfortable playing if your on console

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Don’t be afraid to check out a few quality of life mods in your single player game, either. I would keep the number of mods low, as the more mods you have running, the more strain it puts on your PC (if you’re on PC). A few mods that I run are as follows:

Stacksize Plus: Allows an admin to adjust stack sizes and encumbrances
Fashionist: Adds an armor display mannequin to your buildables/placeables, and allows you to "transmogrify your equipped gear
Building Shortcut Bar: has 5 shortcut bars that allow you to equip buildables and weapons to them
Unlock Plus (with Pickup): this allows you to pick up placed building pieces if you have snapping issues.
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
StraysClock: simple day/night wheel under your health and stam bars
StraysBackToTheFire: Allows metal weapons/armors to be placed in the furnace for a return on materials
PRN_NPCEquipmentLoot: transfers equipment that NPC’s have equipped into their loot when killed.

edits were for quick descriptions of mods

I would not recommend mods to new players. They need to experience the vanilla gameplay first before adding any mods in order to get a feeling for the game for it is meant to be. Furthermore, mods are only available to the pc users and if i am not mistaken op plays on ps4.

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I take offense if you think PVE is any less hostile than PvP servers, they just dont have players jumping about killing all the noobs in the lowlands. There is indirect PvP warfare on PvE servers, but thats a whole other thead.

I started one an official early access server, I am still on that server. (yeah had to start over on release day)

To get the full impact of the game, you should start off on an official server. The rest are just easier.

Suggestions to new players:

Go to you tube, find Firespark81, and watch his videos.
They are video goodness :slight_smile:

When you first get in, look very well as you go down the road. You must find the water bag, on the rock with a note.
Then gather mats to make crap clothes, and stone tools.

Get to the river as fast as you can. Everything will be trying to kill you on the way there. They can not follow you into the water. Run Forrest, run.

Your attributes should be filled out in an order like this.
First points to encumbrance, all the way to the first ding.
Then grit to the 2nd ding. Strength to the second ding, then vitality, then agility. This is the base for many builds.

Dont make weapons until level 8. Then use the stone spear.
Now go take out crocs and shellies at will.

Levels 1-8 can be make fast by building your hut on the river.
Dont make it too big, 4x4 is enough to get you started.
You will moving on by level 15.

Once you get to the river fill your water bag, and steal eggs. This will last you until level 8 easy.

Healing: Until level 15 and you can make aloe potions, your ONLY heals are berries, and food. The food heal is minor.
Berries are found on the north side of rivers, and 50 weigh nothing. I fight bosses with just berries and aloe potions.

Mods are a pain, Im an seasoned player and tried them, hated it.

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