New Workstations, Good concept, Flawed Execution


I can adapt to the new economy. I can adapt to tiered workstations. I can adapt to thrall realignment.

All that makes a modicum of sense.

But what I am not getting is the decision to massively increase the footprint of workstations.

I’ll probably never use the new furnaces, but the other stations are critical. However, I can’t just remove an old station and replace it with a new, I have to redesign my entire base to accommodate the oversized footprints of the new stations.

I’d be willing to listen to an opposing point of view, but I am not seeing a valid decision behind this.


essa atualização para o modo um jogador é de grande ajuda, maximiza a produção mas obriga a expandir a construção,para as novas bancadas específicas,eu já expandi e construí todas elas.
O RUIM mesmo é meu personagem com o pescoço quebrado, em um angulo de 90 graus,em relação ao corpo

se voce acha que tem problemas tente jogar com seu personagem com o pescoço quebrado em um angulo de 90 graus em relação ao corpo.

The devs went over this in the last live stream. You can view their reasoning here.

hum i gave a try, but now thralls are really worthless, was an important point of the game, i m ok with workbench having effect, but thralls should still be part of equation too (yes i know thralls stiill bring with specialization some effects, but honestly it’s too slight)

i don’t think its normal on conan to have all purge thralls becoming equivalent of t4 thralls, was a lot of grint for players to acquire them, they should have something special and better than t4.

siptath armor have been nerfed to death now, if i am not wrong the now give at best +10, so crafted dlc armor can do the same, what is point to spend hundreds of hours to unlock siptah and craft them if they are no better than dlc armor ? i do not remenber anybody asking to nerf those armor who was a way to have good thralls too.

for moment i am really not convinced by the balance of the new economy. i am very worried by the advantage given on siptah to do now easily bomb. dont need t4 alchi, you can now do bomb as easy than on conan…not sure its good idea to make explosive so easy to do from day 1 or 2… jsut in building workbench…

for workbench thralls i would suggest develop a leveling, making them acquire unique skill to craft (and become better more they craft) could be a way to bring back thrall in balance and make unique crafter thrall… and make t2/t3 stll be part of speed production equation

there is probem to do repair kit, no way to reduce the cost now.
thralls and workbench do not allow to do some saving in repair of armor and weapons which is a problem too.


Thrall are worthless? Seriously?

Oh my GOD the amount of winging on these forums where people obviously have not actually explored the new changes.

For example the giant’s firebowl cauldron. With no thrall, it takes 24 seconds to craft one dragon powder. Place a named alchemist in there. 12 seconds to craft. It cuts the time in half.

But… but… but… “mah thralls are now useless.”

Too funny.

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As i mentioned in another thread i mostly agree with azaroth.
Getting specialized local Named Crafting-Thralls by myself or by trade, such as purge-thralls with unique features/recipes was a major part of the endgame-content and is completely deleted without replacement.
Now you just catch Named-Thralls with your prefered “Trait” from refugee-cave or noob-river and you have absolutely no reason to go any further from there for crafting-thralls anymore.

And for me it’s just part of altering the game-mechanics to fit bad design-decisions on Siptah. Regarding the Exiled Lands this move was a really huge content-cut without any improvement gamewise.

Mass stations.

Crafting overnight.

Theres a reason why big clans will have 20 cauldrons going at once.

Now they will have 40, since there is no penalty in costs anymore.

I agree that needing to redesign or rebuild a base is frustrating, but there’s no way they’re gonna undo this change. The larger benches aren’t necessary and you should be able to get by with the older benches just fine. It’s definitely not a great situation though.

well that just my advice with 9k hour gameplay, but yup you can disagree, but for me balance is not there, and a lot have been lost.

yup will be hundred and hundreds of bombs and explo arrow and a total wipe on pvp siptah server :frowning:

You having 9k hours means nothing when you are making nonsensical claims like, “but now thralls are really worthless”.

And what stopped them from doing mass stations before with tons of T4 thralls that gave 50% cost reduction? Nothing…

What “cost” do they have now for doing a mass number of stations to get that same 50% cost reduction? MASSIVE space requirements.

But the Funcom developers are just dumb. They cannot balance anything. And people like you have it all figured out.


sure i have no right to give my advice, you know all, but i still think that thralls are now nearly worthless.

Too funny. Well I will say this. I may not know all. But I sure as hell know that thralls are NOT worthless after this patch.

lol a good way to illustrate it to you wiill be lto craft the 400 bombs i can do now with precision firebowl that i will launch overnight without any thrall and use it on your base, but you probably dont play on a pvp server :wink:

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Wrong. Because you can use the improved cauldron from pre patch and get the same cost per bomb as the new Giant Cauldron. Giant Cauldron bomb - 2 demon blood, 10 brimstone, 50 crystal, 100 steelfire…adding a T4 thrall does nothing. Old Improved cauldron (1/4 size of giants) bomb cost - 1 demon blood, 7 brimstone, 37 crystal, 75 steelfire…again adding T4 thrall does nothing to cost. Time, yes, cost, no.

So, build more improved cauldrons and you save resources over the new cauldrons, and you dont need thralls. Remember needing at least a T2 alchemist to start seeing savings? Not anymore!

Dude just delete this post now. Seriously. Delete it.

It is embarrassing. Trust me. Delete it.

He hasn’t even looked at the precision cauldron. Amazing.

Yeppers. Many of these people whining and crying and bashing Funcom on the forums and they have not even fully explored all the new changes, let alone had time to THINK about the ramifications before they keep sticking foot in mouth.

try the artisan bench then, pls, do it, time it and let us know. Just because the sun is shining on your house doesn’t mean it isn’t raining somewhere else…