New Workstations, Good concept, Flawed Execution


Wikkyd you seem to be superior educated regarding this patch and the new and better thrall-system and the long-term plans of the developers.

I like to build, i like to pve, i like to collect.
I liked the crafting-thrall-system and i liked that there was always another thrall to search for for further recipes.
I also liked that i had to trigger purges for the chance to get thralls with special recipes.
Please enlighten me (100% honest wish that there is something to enlighten):
What is the point in getting any Armorer/Smith AFTER refugee-cave now?
What is the point in taking the effort to catch a purge-armorer/smith now?

I asked several times but nobody could give me any reason yet, i would be honestly happy if you could.

Since you seem so convinced about the positive effects of theese changes you will doubtless be able to tell me how this “content” did not shrink massivly.


He means they took their uniqueness/specialty away. A t4 thrall is a t4 thrall now. Basically. Other than some slight modification to durability/etc. There’s no special thralls to craft certain armors, no special thralls to craft certain components cheaper, no purge thrall to do a particular dye, etc.

So yeah. It’s simple supply and demand. Guess why gold, diamonds, silver, etc are so valuable? They’re rare and have special properties. Now imagine if you get the same properties of gold/diamond/silver from more commonly occurring metals such as copper AND iron AND zinc, AND aluminum, etc. It’s value goes down because it’s properties are no longer special to it and as a result it’s properties are no longer rare. Just like the thralls in game now. :wink:


Yes I have. And you can place 12 improved in the same footprint of one precision. Unless you craft them in one station, then you can be more productive using the improved.

Soooooo, curious.

Explain whats wrong with my comment.

Explain the benefit of a T4 alchemist.

Ill wait.

Nemesis if you want to run a massive amount of improved cauldrons that only give a 25% cost reduction instead of using precision cauldrons (which give 50% cost reduction), and think you are somehow gaining an advantage, then knock yourself out. And if you don’t want to use T4 thralls in those cauldrons thinking they dont give a benefit, again knock yourself out.

I don’t know what else to tell ya. I am tapped out. You do you man.


Ok, so what does the thrall do on most stations (smelter, alchemist, carpenter)?

Time savings.

Zero benefit to material cost.

The only benefit a T4 truly gives now is the specialized blacksmith and armorer, which once the meta comes out as to which to use, now 66% of those T4’s are useless. There will be 1 required blacksmith to make the meta weapons, and 1 to make the armor.

So, they made, at a guess 80% of the T4’s in the game useless. Time means nothing when you can slap another station down.

I just dont see how you dont understand this.

Edit: Yes, I was mistaken on the cost on the bombs in the precision bench. So, make 1 precision bench to make bombs efficient, but you still need no thralls at all. Your chart shows it makes 1 per minute, which is 1400 per day.

Edit 2: Tested the tannery.

Precision tannery with 50 bark: Crafts 1 every 4.1 seconds (1.9 with T4) for a total of 263 per 50 bark (8 mins 20 seconds)

Plant based tannery with 50 bark: Crafts 1 every 10.4 seconds (5.2 with T4) for a total of 384 per 50 bark (33 mins 20 seconds)

It works out to 4x as fast over the same time frame, and I assume the same for furnaces and carpenter benches as well.

In ANY case, why would people not take the most efficient way to craft, eliminating 50% of the content in this patch…while losing the benefits of T4 thralls (time again being the ONLY factor in tanneries, carpenters and smelters)?

None and good riddance to that. I am personally glad I dont have to keep triggering purges to try to catch the elusive BS. I have better things to do.


I hear their reasoning. It’s a “7 Days to Die” line:

“Play the game the way we want you to play it.”

It’s a poor decision.

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Imho very flawed logic.
You don’t like catching Thralls - that’s okay because you will rarely find a survival-game without any aspect you dislike.

I am pretty sure there are plenty of players tired of gathering fuel - so get rid of fuel? Players have better things to do. Like gathering solid ressources to build bases.

I am pretty sure there are plenty of players tired of the efford to gather so many ressources to build nice stuff. Shall we get rid of ressource-costs for building? Since players have better things to do… like getting food and survive.

For some players getting food is really annoying… they have better things to do… like building nice bases!

I know there are players who don’t like the building system - so just make premade free-to-build and ready-to-play bases? As you know - players have better things to do… like fighting!

I know there are people who just play for base-building and who are bothered by all the fights or the fighting-system at all… lets get rid of fights.

You know what CAN be disliked by people too? Repairing stuff, farming dungeons for armor, doing any dungeons at all, random worldbosses, bothering with environmental effects like sandstorms and temperature, any kind of rng…

There is not much game left now… just music… but thats something we all can agree on… do we?

Nevertheless, coming back to reality i think we can agree that collecting thralls is content for some players and that the special individual recipes and abilities before have not been essential. You could very easily live, fight and build without anything beyond your first T4-Crafter in any profession. So it was just optional content - unlike food, ressources or environmental effects. So why are you speaking against content that didn’t interfere with your gameplay?

@Wikkyd I have seen you post a few times about how thralls are not less useful. The developers actually said that the idea of this decision was to move the focus away from thralls and into the benches :slight_smile: Thralls (specifically the crafting ones and how they worked) was unique to Conan and while they still are with this update they just lost alot of that “special, unique” feel about them. Alot of thralls that made specific recipes were highly sought after and traded or their special items traded on many PVE servers which created a real economy and to see that yanked away and replaced with benches and any ol T4 will now do has ruined that player economy which is the opposite of what an “economy” update should do :slight_smile:


You are just insulting people for their opinions and not getting the points or even try to understand their arguments to counter them properly. You are a forum troll.


Funny because I have never posted anything like that. I have merely disagreed with people that say thralls are now useless. But hey if those types of people are going to exaggerate, you might as well do so too.

you can knock yourself knowing the amount of hours, or well i should say weeks, needed to get a t4 alchi on siptah lol. i think i can build 20 precision cauldon faster than to find a 1 t4 alchi, so no point to invest time to catch t4 alchi.

The post you are quoting contains no insults whatsoever. And no, I am not a forum troll. I just disagree with a lot of the nonsense that gets posted around here. Which seems to ruffle a lot of feathers especially when I won’t drink the Funcom hator-aid.

Disagreeing with people that say thralls are useless now compared to how they were pre patch is EXACTLY saying that they have value. One blacksmith and one armorer out of all the named thralls that ever existed doesnt make thralls valualbe.

Im still waiting on your reasoning behind their value now.

@Wikkyd I stand corrected, I have seen you post that you disagreed with people that say thralls are useless :slight_smile: Doesn’t change the point of the post attempting to explain to you why players feel that thralls are less useful or useless now compared to before. Feel free to explain why you believe they improved the economy of thralls in the economy update. Instead of hurling insults provide us with some of your knowledge and insight, Im sure you have played alot, you might even be able to change some players opinions :slight_smile: Hell maybe you can even make some players stick around, instead of scaring them off, which is actually a good thing for the company btw. More players = more money = more updates and fixes xD

@Nemisis Semantics are important OKAY! hehe

I said “how thralls are not less useful” whereas Wikkyd actually said “disagreed with people that say thralls are now useless”

Less useful implies they exist but arent as “Good As I Once Was - Toby Keith” xD < Song btw
Useless implies they do absolutely nothing anymore

Are less useful and useless interchangeable on the forums? Yeah gonna say 99.9% of people discussing this topic dont mean they have absolutely no use but just arent as useful as they were and arent really needed now =D

“Thralls are useless now”
“Thralls are less useful now”
“What is the point of thralls now”

That is just some of the comments I have seen posted. No… I don’t agree… At all! Sorry I don’t. Something that is “useless” means it has no use. No utility. Hell look at the definition of the word.

I don’t know how the hell someone can come to the conclusion that thralls are now useless, or even less useful. Sure the material cost reduction they gave is now gone, but that doesn’t mean they are now useless or any less useful. But hey, that is you guys and gals opinion, you do you. Don’'t use them if you really think they are “useless”.

I don’t know what goes on in people’s head. I can only infer it from the language they use. And when I see people going around saying thralls are “useless” when they clearly give bonuses to production speed, I don’t agree. Sure that is their “opinion”. But such opinions fly in the face of objective facts.

A few of you are going into more detail of your reasoning. A few. And what some are describing as usefulness, they are really describing thralls as being too generic (having no particular distinctive quality). Generic and usefulness are two completely distinct things.

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No point in catching a T4 alchemist… A thrall that cuts production time in half…

Yeah man… Totally USELESS thrall…

You do you man. You do you.

Again, you arent justifying your position. You just keep saying that people you disagree with dont know what they are talking about, are misinformed, or ignorant.

Can you explain WHY thralls have VALUE now? If the ONLY reason is time savings, thralls have become LESS USEFUL then they were. Need a specific armor from that rare thrall? No. Need a blacksmith create different weapons? No. Need smelters/carpenters/alchemists to reduce costs to make your operation efficient? No.

Like Ive stated, you need 1 blacksmith and 1 armorer (T4 quality). You now no longer need any other thralls in the game.

Can you prove me wrong instead of just saying I dont know what Im talking about?

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