New workstations VS Old Thrall system

I have to go attack mode on this one :stuck_out_tongue:

How about for once they do not choose the “easy way out” and put effort into the entire follower system. Clearly their AI went Berserk mode lately, clearly they need to have another look at it. They done it once, i think it is time to have a deeper look at it once Siptah is out and stable on every platform. ( IF they plan to move forwards with CE )

(Since leveling feature been implemented i have not seen the thralls acting so buggy as their are now)

Imo this needs to be prioritized soon, together with some others also (undermesh on Siptah being one of them). I know…i already seen “When next DLC” topics popping…please give us an AI Improvement DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like this. :wink:

Ohh god no. I am all for AI improvement but the thought that it could be DLC raises the hair on the back of my neck. No thank you.

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because that cost money, money they are not getting right now… they need to bring usefullness back t to t4 crafters in the game , and keep cost low, your proposal is good for sure, but extremely complex to execute… and that means developer time.

fixing ther current thrall problems should and must be a priority, adding more complexity (such as making a brand new leveling system for crafters) is totally unnecessary at this point.

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Surely they can implement the “New AI” into another map release, Conan Exiles 3.0. There’s your money, a City Life system like(i won’t name him again) was talking about would bring a lot of new and old players to the game.

IMO, with the incoming Character Travel, Funcom it is showing us that they still have plans in further developing Conan Exiles.

I ain’t in a hurry :stuck_out_tongue: . Been here from start, will be here until the end if it gets to that :). Only because there is no other game like Conan Exiles out there. For me it’s like WoW of Survival Genre, but Funcom dissapointed me over the past 2 years or so. I got it, 2020 was a bad year for all of us, more for some then others but we made it through. I like how 2021 looks so far when it comes to Funcom and Conan Exiles.

sure, we can also see conan exiles II. we are just trying to play fortune teller here, i will pretty much be happy if the issues are resolved, and we will see from there.

We do already. Siptah?
Fortune teller or not, ill be here.

Do you really think that by giving t4’s their “uniqueness” back will solve our “hunger” of having unique thralls?

I ain’t so sure that i want to go back there. So much time invested in them thralls and all lost because i could not log in. I like Siptah so far. I like the convergence trap, it offers me safety. Safety makes me use less thralls. Since Siptah i have become more selective with what kind of thralls i enlist and the “how many” i use dropped by a lot. SO the devs must have done something right.

We are on the good path, that’s why i permit myself to dream on having a better AI overall. Or even a new/reworked follower system.

IF i dont have it , i must have it. XD

i got a huge collection of crafter thralls in EL and i am getting to the point i got almost eerything in siptah XD. (very few missing ones in siptah, the more you get the harder it gets to get a new one.

It’s not really “going back”. I’m not talking about armorers and blacksmiths. Those are already useful and we have good reasons to collect them. I’m talking about other crafters and other recipes.

For example, back when they added the Darfari Witch Doctor, I loved the fact that he or she could make black dye.

They could give all named crafters a unique recipe like that. Or something similar, some small distinguishing detail that doesn’t give people a huge advantage in a competitive context, but gives the rest of us (less competitive folk) a reason to go collecting different thralls.


I like the bigger crafting stations, and I agree that they should feel like a “luxury” item for those who reached a point where they can afford to have them. It’s like in real life. You really can get by without a luxury car, but it sure feels nice when you reach a point where you can buy one, if you wish.
Also, this game shouldn’t feel like Minecraft, where every craft station looks like a small box… :sweat_smile:

I also agree with @ Ko6ka; the recent changes made t1 to t3 more desirable.

I read a lot of good ideas here. The ones I like the most:

  • Leveling up crafter thralls. Crafter perks.
  • Unique recipes for t4 thralls. I would like to add in: it wouldn’t have to be something to give advantages, it could be something purely cosmetic, but that you could only get with that specific thrall. For example, a sword that would be just a regular sword in terms of damage, etc., but it would have an unique name, lore, model and icon.

What I suggest would be, maybe a “t5” thrall? These would have very unique models (like Conan’s model), unique recipes, and then, reduced crafting time. There could be just two of them for each faction, one male, other female. These t5 thralls would be even rarer than t4s, but they would be worth getting, and they would bring back the motivation to go thrall hunting again.


That’s what purge-only thralls used to be. :frowning:


I have three chests full of named crafting thralls, so I dont.

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well i collect names, XD in EL we got i think with the exception of 8 all the named thralls (purges and world spwan) in siptah we are missing very very few, maybe 8 or 10, lol,

i am a true slaver deep in my heart


Give them away. Poor things been so much time inside there. :)))

With crafting thralls t-1, t-2, t-3 are pretty much useless, with the exception of just decoration for the work station. I would really like to see them useful again, giving each named crafting thrall a unique recipe seems the solution, does not even have to be a major armor set perhaps perhaps some vanity armor that just has a certain look, but offers no particular advantage would work for me I would even go for the ability to dress t4 crafter as I choose.


This is why I used to hunt them over and over, because of he unique ways they looked. IMO FC ruined the experience twice. By making them non viable as crafters AND giving them all a generic dresscode.


I am not sure if i understand.

T1-T3 thralls still make sense for alogn time until you get level 4. A T3 armorer and blacksmith made armor/wepaons are significantly better then without thrall.
I reckon the rest isnt maybe apart from alchemist so important, but then at level 4 they are also no that important, only speeding up crafting. (At least from PVE point of view, maybe for PVP its a great advantage)

In many cases, the T5 thrall was the Purge thrall. A purge thrall was better than a named T4 thrall in just about every crafting table. Smelter was faster than the T4, Taskmaster reduced the time dramatically, Armorer had a few special things only Purge armorers could make, same with Carpenters and Blacksmiths. I think what’s so frustrating is that getting T4 thralls was a challenge, getting T5 purge thralls was even more rare in my opinion. They have now made those T5 thralls basically the same as any other T4 and not very different from T3.


I’m curious about this because I just can’t get the purge to spawn anywhere besides my two first bases. They will spawn at different areas around the base, but I just can’t have the purge spawn at most locations. Did you build each new base bigger than the one before it? Or dismantle and rebuild? How were you able to get the purge to attack you in all the different areas?

I built a base in a location that says it gets 10 different human purges, but no matter how much I build there, the purge still happens at my other bases :confused:

I am currently pissed because one of my topics got removed but i’ll try to stay clam and civil. You’ve been warned :scream: if i fail at it.

We playing a different game? t1-t3 do not have specializations. But you might be right, i do not use T1-T3 thralls apart Taskmaster III. @CodeMage Don’t you wish that the “Economy update” would not exist? :smiley: (sorry, i hope you know what i am referring to).

Was a good fix which closed another hot topic. You should add a T3 Blacksmith to the list for their steel reinforcements.

True and not true(hopefully we succeed in getting their rarity back). You need 3 specialization Blacksmiths/Armorers/Carpenters. I do craft stuff with all 3 specializations, some say that 1 is strong the others are meh… but that’s another topic.

No they do not.

I PvE Siptah, PvP Exiled Lands(do not care about PvP in Exiled Lands anymore…so i wait for Siptah to be released on Xbox.
I am sorry, but i really think that you are trolling me with the above

we have a mobile one we placed in specific places, in order to summon those purges with the traps, rest is in hands of RNG gods.

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