Next level griefing found?

I will test it in a couple hours have to make a grocery run.

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Could poison orbs used during pvc times actually kill the thrall with out the owner being required to hit the aforementioned player trying to clear up left over thralls?

You would think releasing thralls from cages if not properly claimed and told to guard a actually location that they are allowed would cause them to simply die out. While the unintended condition of this could kill thralls if improperly coded it would solve it if it was coded as this.

Player Uses Key, Thrall is Released Thrall is not told to follow, thrall stays in area guarding a zone that is forbidden, 24 hours pass that thrall has begun to bleed out. It dies 1 hour later.

Or to prevent this same thing but claim thrall and replace it in a proper area means you keep it.

Honestly it is a possibility to code his all in one go no problem, but it is a sure thing it could backfire if not insanely tested before releasing it.

However I am willing to do whatever it takes as these guy usually clear the stupid camp before I get in distance after rendering it.

They usually do indeed get killed. There’s usually at least two other NPCs around which take them out. I can’t think of a place where that’s not the case. You would have to intentionally give them armor and good weapons and maybe also make them follow you while you leveled them up. Then unfollowing them without setting them down would return them to the camp where they would have to stand their chances against those NPCs once again.

@NeoTheMatrix can check to see if they were leveled by turning on the “Show Health Values” and then auto-targeting each one. That will tell you their max health - which will let you know if they’ve been leveled.

On PVP kill them, on PVE may be try to bring a boss here to clean them.
Snake or dragon.

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The last time this one checked (and this one does not use this technique with any frequency) the noxious gas debuff from standing in the poisonous cloud doesn’t care what time of day it is or what type of server one is on.
This may have changed in more recent updates.

Tried it again could not place thrall but could dismiss and stayed in area.

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Please send us your server number, we will see what can be done, ok?


@TeleTesselator Health values aint showing number only red bar, and by the look of how low they lost ( now only 2 of them left ) liike 3 % from battle with 4 npc that spawned, it looks like they are leveled or armor buffed… both who left are fighter with spear and archer… with armors already on them

Image taken ike 1 minute after they fighted off npc… both has full hp bar…
( i tryed to lure nearby jakith… but he aint following so far.)
also tryed to set them on poison but it just kills nearby npc and not harming tgem because PVE…

@Selene01 Server for me always is same :smiley: 6422… PVE official siptah…

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It could also be berserker or t4 (if they could be in the cage), which have been renamed, custom names don’t change when changing the language in the settings, try it?

As far as i k ow no T4s ate 8n cages. T3 is rare.

Kill one! :slight_smile:

Just make others NPC follow you, and they will fight theses thralls.


second one dead, job done :slight_smile:


I already had 2 deirdre deathbringers and a noob river t4 archer out of the cage, but not on the cage shown.

@Selene01 So easy :slight_smile:
I would have thought Neo would have tried that already. Good work


Good :+1: move

well i did not tryed on last 2 , when i tryed they were 6 there :smiley:

Oh I hadn’t noticed that, I’m always happy when a problem can be solved. Has anyone complained about the loss?

@Tenhi well it has nothing to do with this episode, but yesterday I kited a giant croc to a guy’s base and it killed all his thralls and pets. I guess he will complain sooner or l8er about the loss… :smile: I really, really needed that skeleton key and didn’t yet have any weapon or armor. Or clothing, to be perfectly honest…
Serves him well for building so close to its den and blocking the river.

So, this would be deemed an exploit, because I’m pretty sure Funcom didn’t intend for caged thralls to simply walk 2 feet from the cage and stand there ( thus making it their home point ). So even if a player does put them on follow to level and gear them up, as soon as the player puts them on scout mode, they will return to their home point by the cage, now leveled and geared. So yes, definitely an exploit.