No account wide wardrobe?

Even for the real money or event exclusive items? Really? C’mon it’s 2019 account wide cosmetics it bread and butter basics of MMOs.

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Oh but access to login rewards is account wide… Only one char can claim them.

Yup, though event rewards can be claimed on all characters at least.

And no account wide pet collection,hmmmm,what I missed a lot about WoW.

Oddly enough, this kind of were a think in TSW, at least for Paid Clothing, Pets, Sprints and Issue packs.
Issue packs were account wide for the same price
While Clothing, Pets, Sprints were if you paid a little more +30% to have it on all characters

if your a TSW Veteran you all things you unlocked throughout your TSW Characters are account bound in TSW
Although Gender and Faction Limited
and excluding, Mai Lings, Rose and Alex’s clothing sets we can’t dress like them in Legends.

This were a limited time offer doing the Launch of Legends for the people who Played TSW.
Sadly as close to “account-wide” cosmetics we ever got with Legends <.<;