No "Construction" category in the Feats menu


I couldn’t find a way to start building. For a reason apparently, since I am supposed to have a “Construction” category in the Feats menu, but mine starts with “Decorations”. Unfortunately I cannot post screenshots yet.

If I search for “Mason”, I see all the Feat icons bunched up together, and I can find “Apprentice Mason” that way and learn it. In the inventory window I get all the new building recipes available to be crafted. But back in the Feats window, still no Construction category, no Apprentice Mason, nothing related to building, no matter how far I scroll up or down.

This on a game purchased and downloaded two days ago, with fresh toons, same thing happens on a single-player character as well as on a server. No mods activated.

Here are the categories I have:

No Construction. No Apprentice Blacksmith, Carpenter or others that I only see as a pre-requisite for other feats or through the Search feature