No Crom Coins for 4 days after purchase - Zendesk won't respond

Posting here because I’ve exhausted all other option.

On the 30th May I purchased a pack of 1’200 Crom Coins from in-game on the PS4, however after a full day later the coins never appeared in my account.

So, as recommended, I sent a report to Zendesk with a screenshot of the receipt on my playstation account transaction history.

I was contacted a day later by “Sandworm” who thanked me for my report and asked I waited for another 24hrs and to respond back if the coins did not appear in my account. They did not and while I have responded back via my ticket I have still not recieved my crom coins or a response back from the elusive “Sandworm”,

I have even sent a second report to Zendesk but with no luck.

So the question I ask is - have they just taken my money and ran?

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Going by my own experience, no.
That happened to me two times. Two times they solved it very fast.
I also had a problem wirh bought stuff that didn’t appear and I had it solved very fast too.
I wonder what might have happened with your request, @Kosmiverse

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You will get your coin. Never heard of Sandworm. @Kosmiverse

The Zendesk team is the only one that can assist you with this issue. Posting it to the forums will get the thread locked and/or removed. The Forum staff cannot access the Payment System and cannot resolve your issue.

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