No footwear for the Artisan pants or Noble outfit

How’s come that there isn’t any footwear for the artisan pants or the noble outfit yet? We’ve had these in the game for some time now and yet no footwear for either of them

Because they weren’t designed to have any. Not every clothing type comes with a complete set.

Since they are DLC items, they will likely never get any additional pieces. Old DLC never gets anything new added.

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Try combining some foot wear, in my opinion artisans pant looks good with some fur boots, i was used to combine with mamoth boots, but recently got a serpent boots from a frind aind it looked great too, for nobble may some religion themed sandals could be fine, use dye bench to costumize the colors too. Just my opinion, hope you find your better combination.

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perhaps for same reason no dlc has throwing axes and javelins…


I think it’s bugged in some way maybe or i missing something. To throw an axe for example i had to put tow of it on two hotbar slots, the javelin i only could throw if there was an enemy on the aim. I gave up on throwing weapons. By the way you can use the javelin as a short spear with the shield.

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