No meteors on Siptah anymore?

This defines my singleplayer experience.

Never ever any star metal, because as the only player on, the game never registers for longer than 30 minutes in one spot in order to spawn them. And since the server goes off for a while, it never retains that data so you have to trigger the event everytime (standing in one place for 30 minutes), which is… not quite what the devs had intended with this feature.

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I am not saying that this should be the Solution but u can always admin spawn some star metal.
I do it on my single player play through only because i do not have the time to waste and wait around the middle Tower.

I would like a setting of some sort for SINGLE Player in regards to meteorites/star meal.

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I didn’t know you could admin spawn meteor showers.

Is that a / command ?

I do not Think u can, but u can admin directly the star metal.