No motivation when you are not premium!

Well I drop the game, level 28 and all, but it’s too long and too slow, in terms of progression. There is not enough motivation. No gear, only high level, so before being 80 we get bored … I want stuff! In addition I found bugs by normal! In the login reward, I get coins that I can’t see anywhere. Ditto today he tells me I get 100,000 xp and yet nothing has changed … The aesthetic things are too expensive, like big breasts, and it lacks cosmetic stuff to have a little fun doing a personal sexy. Frankly, 39 hours of games there, I’m sick of it. Not generous enough to make you want to play … And anyway, I’m unemployed, I can’t pay. I’m already struggling like that. I met a player tonight, he was only level 20 and he had a horse ??? And he killed me in two shots during the PVP so it’s completely cheated, as soon as you pay you have everything, but if not, you are weak and you are bored. Pity. The universe was promising. Afterwards I understand that everyone has to earn a living, but unfortunately I can’t afford it.

If you open your inventory over on the right hand side under how much money you have, you’ll see a spot that says ‘tokens’ or something like that. Click on it and it’ll open up another window showing all the tokens you have including the Gilding Tokens you get via the daily log in rewards.

Those xp points go in to your AA mastery area. It’s not level XP.

Frankly I’ve never had a problem playing F2p, but it sounds like your view of the world is different than mine.

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Yes, there are 2 horses that you can get as subscription rewards, which you can use even at low level.
To be honest, they are nice to have, but not really mandatory. You can do just fine even without them. :wink:

I try to encourage people to stay, it is a great game. No, its not easy at first, you must learn your class, combos, spells- rotation, etc. At the same time, you must find gear or buy it- or join a guild that will hand you good gear for your level. Levelling, gear wears out fast.

You don’t need a sub to become powerful. It helps, but trust me- it is not necessary. You do need patience and time, without that- yes, I can understand the game is not for you.

If you are getting killed by pvpers while levelling, you are on Fury. And if that annoys you, re-roll and go to Crom, the PvE server where you will be comfortably safe in all zones. I levelled my first two characters on Fury, completely Free2Play, without paying a dime.

If its not your game, its not your game- so perhaps it is best to find something else. It is a challenging game for new people, maybe.


Did sandrajayde ever get her breast XL augmentations for free?


The way F2P payer level nowadays is still a LOT faster than people back in the pre-F2P days did. Not sure why people still complain about things like that, I literally leveled a Character up to level 80 without Premium im just 4 days. This was also a lot slower because I had to play careful due to being a unconquered character. No powerleveling involved, just time that got wasted for a few vanity items which I never used ever.

Leveling is part of the game, if you don’t enjoy the short time in the game that is leveling then you won’t enjoy the game at any point. In fact, leveling up a Character is one of the more fun and diverse things in this game, on 80 you will spam RF and chaos and now onslaught non stop. 95% of the players these days see the same 4 or 5 play fields every day for several years while the game world has a lot more to offer (sadly no overpowered loot which makes these pay fields for the 95% of player “worthless” and a “time waste”).


Games are getting easier and easier these days. Some people can’t handle it if it takes a bit longer.

It’s true that quest rewards are lame and boring, but the leveling proccess is fun enough, the enviroments, the lore, the game is really fun when leveling up…

I wish i could experience for the first time again


Boy never tried to lvl character on a populated PvP server, that was slow

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if they actually did something other than be lazy and keep this game in maintenance mode new players might actually stay and spend money. I have returned at least 6 or 7 times only to leave by level 40 because quite honestly except to you die hard few fans left in this game - its boring period and in terrible need of a complete revamp of the leveling system. Some of you forget what its like to be new and not know the fastest leveling routes or how to learn combos or not pull 20 mobs at once. This game since day 1 has been as bug ridden as conan exiles and part of the reason for all the bragging funcom did comparing it to wow at first it never did anything but flop and make many wow fans chuckle at it. If they really want any game to succeed they need to put in the effort to find out why everyone leaves and fix it but its funcom and they are too lazy to fix anything right.