No servers list

Yep i select on it nothing happend

Hmm strange i play on offical server ( 3014 ) and i played untill 9am then i went to work and now i had an update ( 1.40 ) and i can still play maybe because i bought an DLC pack in the free time period? i dont know hope it will get fixed for you guys asap

Samen here. After Update no Server list. Invalid Server also no one shown

PS4 don’t show any server pve conflict

DLC ownership should in no way affect server list showing.
Could you try to set some filters up, for instance:

  • Filter: Official
  • Region: Your region (except Japan, that filter is only active in the Japanese version of the game)
  • Community: All
  • Combat Mode: All

Please bear with us asking all this questions, but we’re trying to isolate the cause for this issue as it seems to be affecting only a handful of people.

Hey @Kuraiden
That is actually a known issue with the latest patch. As we stated in the patch notes:

i did as you said still no server showing on all modes

Tried both, same results. Using different filters or options don’t make any difference either. One thing I’ve noticed though is when game used to filter servers, it didn’t take any input for a second or two before displaying the results but that ain’t happening at all now.

Don’t remember if we asked previously, but just in case: Could you try to restart your router and restore your licenses following these steps:

I tried this possibility. Has not changed anything

I did both still the same problem

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Our team informed us that they’ve done some adjustments on our end which should help resolving this issue. Could you restart your game and see if this issue persists?

Yes still the same issue

Relax, ignasis tries to solve the problem

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Problem is. Every time they fix a problem they create a new problem. And I’m not new. had the game since it was released on ps4. Bugs and problems all the time.

I know. I have also been playing since last year. But Ignasis is not responsible for the technique, he has to pass on what we post here

This problem isnt appeared after thw new patch, it has been affecting all Latam since sunday night. Please give us a solution because most of us paied for this game and we are not able to play it

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I have to. And choose anyone… then change it from the next screen filters.

In my case im not able to join any server game, I tried to join to an French friend that plays in thw same server than me (3768 pvp oficial) and an error appears when I try.

added all filters… its not a config thing.