Nordheimer Shelves and disappearing stuff


Ok this thing should be fixed ASAP as it’s getting ANNOYING.
We have these shelves. Ok, they are cool and honestly we need more of these things.

BUT, some of the treasures I place on them keep disappearing from time to time. I’ve lost at least 5 bountiful treasure chest in the last month. Wanna do something about it ?

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its old one unfortunatelly, i stopped to use nordemian shelves after losing several chests on it.

One past update said that boxes would snap to shelves better, but it never specified what kinds of boxes and what kind of shelves, and I’ve asked many times to no avail, so I guess it never happened.

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You know, what really p*** me off it’s not the bug itself, but the fact they keep adding bu****it like fatalities and golems, which only make the game heavier and heavier without adding anything useful, instead of fixing bugs.

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