Not allowing battle passe items to be used by players who do not have hit is a mistake

Not allowing battle passe items to be used by players who do not have hit is a mistake. i just recently induced some friends to Conan and all of them have already left because they cant equip the armor and weapons i can craft. we formed a clan so i could help them level and learn the controls. i soon was making armor but because the came into the game after the old battle passes have ended they cant use any of my gear this bumed them out and decided they play some thing else. if funcom dose not fix this they will not get may new players.


Totally agree with this, now in the meantime regarding battlepass weapons and armor you can make illusions of them, your friends can use them then, although with the stats of the base weapon/armor.


I can see this from both sides Funcom wants money you want your friends to have fun :+1:. There are plenty of things to do in this game that doesn’t require current battle Pass items to enjoy. Yes it would be nice to share items with your clan if perhaps for a limited time to see if they might want to purchase it.I have all the old DLC and those items can be shared can give Day one Conan’s sword and yet have chests full of decorative pieces and other items my wife made that are now useless.

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You are correct have done that myself once I have learned it using epic media armors for carrying capacity or health looking like a dancer outfits Bejeweled or even heavy armors.

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