Not sure if to report

Haven’t seen anything like this before. Now I see plenty of people building over paths then putting in a gate or corridor; if you have to do this maybe don’t build there?

This is a commonly used short cut with cliffs up one side and down the other. Some one decided this would be a great place to build a keep from cliff to cliff. But it’s ok because they made a corridor. And to make sure it was easy to find they lined torches up top and bottom as close as they could be placed the full length of the corridor. As I got closer my fps dropped, and dropped, and got down to 20fps, when I was about to enter the corridor I got a pop up asking if I wanted to participate in this PVP area or some such. So I backed away and took the longer way round.

Ya, lag trap on PVE I am sure is all automated with golems to loot your corpse. My question is is such an obvious trap a TOS violation? Other then the laggyness caused by all the torches; that could just be an old GPU, the build doesn’t violate the TOS, and going around it is just a minor inconvenience. But it’s just not a PVE thing to do.
I’m on the fence about it, leaning toward cussing the builder every time I have to take the long way round. As I go by I’m hoping to see the timer running out. But I’d still like peoples opinions on this sort of building.

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I doubt there is a cookie cutter case for this. The rules make it a point to not build bridges, however.

:smile: You should come on PVE server #2006 (xbox) and see what I have to deal with, its ridiculous, that kind of building is everywhere!

Sepermaru has been gated off from the obelisk , the Oasis itself has been paved over, Bridge of the betrayer blocked off etc… Also some of the builds are just …huge…

Additionally most of it, is the work of just a couple of clans (probably all the same guy lol) - No moderation at all going on with that server.

I already had a character on there about a year ago, I got so fed up with it, I deconstructed everything and readied my character to move to another server. A year later server transfers are still disabled, so my L60 Character with all it’s knowledge is still stuck there in a kind of limbo.

I personally would like to see server transfers return, but this time be able to just take what you want ( at least for PVE) - Obviously that would not fly on any PvP server, but I don’t see why PVE’ers have to deal with such restrictions.

Most transfers would be due to either wanting to join other friends on different servers or just to jump to a less (or more–if that’s your thing) populated server, rather to gain any non-existent tactical advantage.

Although I am currently playing on a PVE server atm, I have played and do play across all types (Pvp, PVE-C) - and one thing I have observed on PVE servers is quite fascinating in a way. It’s weird but people feel the need to ‘gate’ or close off whole areas of the map, it’s very strange.

I mean I suppose some might still try to do so on PvP servers, but well, that kind of building won’t last long.

I feel you. I have recently started playing online, since single play is busted. Can’t stand official pve servers because of the problem you have just described. People are building these massive useless structures (not all of them) that lag you out to a point of game crash (on ps5). How ever pvec is even funnier. Players are waiting by the castle for you to crash and nick/kill thralls you dragging or kill and loot you during pvp hours.
Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Recently, Kiah on fire (streamer) rised some issues about people building on top of world bosses and chest and FunCom replied: “no violation”. Its just the state of the game. I am just worried the game will be totally abandoned after release of Dune.

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