Nothing is more annoying

There’s nothing more annoying than being able to lose a armour skins during PvP times on PvE-C… which cannot be crafted or obtained anymore…

One day this issue will happen and we’re not able to walk around during PvP times with this pieces of armour (skin), cause the risk to permanently lose the skin is huge during these times.

I talking about you Mad Prophet armour!

The way I understand this is when Age of Sorcery ends we’re not able to obtain this armour again.

The reward should be the recipe!!! Not the pieces!
Or sell the recipe in the Bazaar.

Anything is better than the one time rewards which can be lost during PvP times by players who doesn’t care about it.

We care about cosmetics, so if you don’t this topic might not be for you.

Same as for the skins in the journey steps.

Shame PvE-C doesn’t lock the gear slots form looting when killed… looting is fine but with the reason above its not. I understand some of you might disagree, but please keep the discussion about the above!

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I actually modded mad prophet feat into Isle of Men… my guess is it will be integrated as a discoverable or something.


Don’t die then. Currently, its way too easy to run and survive. Last Stand and double jump. If you do it correctly, no one will ever kill you.

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I don’t run from a fight and I die very few times, I enjoy casual PvP on PvE-C.
I don’t really mind losing stuff too…

But I do mind its designed in a way you can permanently lose armour skins for example

Can’t use mods on official servers, but nice work.

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I guess my point was its got a feat, so maybe it will show up like master skelos as a drop.


I hope so, but I’d like an official answer, and this answer is vague at best

For me, I’d prefer some items, like Mad Prophet gear, remain only available from drops. It’s exciting finding stuff you can’t make. Like finding Conan’s Royal Armour if you can’t craft it yourself. I would rather find that armour than 2000 alchemical base. It’s just cool for me to know there’s stuff out there that is so rare for me.

I always thought of that crazy guy in the sand temple that you hand the sand stone fragments to as the mad prophet. Maybe give him the armor and let him sell it for stone fragments or something along those linesmen.

As long this content won’t get lost it okay with me.
But as is currently… its gone when the merchants don’t sell it anymore.

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