Now that the game is normal to me, other concerns

I have suffered the ban problem, so it took some time to really sit and enjoy the update, but now that it is working for me, and I hope it will soon to everyone, I have the time to do some stuff.

The siege of Al-Meh-raya seems to be “working fine”, but it takes “too much” to reward too little. I know it gives a shift load of coins, but so does purges. However if you have game regular (not modded like mine), the “head first” way the combat goes, you lose a lot of thralls and resources to successfully invade the fort, and when you do, the rewards wont cut it.
Plus, if you grow your treasure by purge, you waste less resources and might get the “top” level faster.

Someone might say: Well, it is the raid itself.

The raid itself is not much more of a thrill than the purge, the combat itself. The main difference is like the siege is “going out” and the purge is “uber eats”, either you go after the loot, or invite loot to your door, but the fight and the loot is almost the same, but the price is way more for the siege, kinda like Thailand and dining out vs food panda.

However, after the update, an eventuality that was more rare before is now very frequent:

The attackes pile up either on tents, or on the fence, and they stay there, and you have to go there and fight them with some kind of orb, or anything, and again, if the game is not modded like mine, or set to high damage, you will take time to kill all those clogged fighters up there.

The tavern I understand is mostly a prototype at this point, and I guess the system for the barkeeper is a prototype for the future artisans, in which you can place them on crafting stations to work, or let them around for RP purposes, I guess. It is neat, the idea. Although, for RP purposes, there must be some fixes soon:

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The siege reminds of my recent stint on a TLE server in EQ2. You can go into Sebilis as a decently geared Shadowknight and solo the named within and get their loot for yourself. But by doing so you’re looking at a 20-30 minute fight per named, as well as a minute or two with each pack of NPCs as you progress through.

Which why even though you can pretty much solo said content, its really recommended to go in as a full group as the kill speed will be substantially higher and make up for the fact that you need to share the rewards.

I think the same thing is happening here. The siege was not designed with soloing in mind. It was designed for a group of 2-3 players. While the efforts of a single player can match that of 2-3 normal players and still get it done, there is still a significant difference in damage over time output of a single player and 2-3+ average players. Especially considering when multiple players tend to spread out the threat allowing them to even focus more on damage and progression.

If the rewards are still a tad bit on the light side, that can be adjusted. What I do NOT wish to see is adjusting the difficulty (outside of fixing any bugs that might be present). The game has had a severe lack and absence of group content. That needs to be addressed.

The problem is not “soloing”.

I said rewards, so if it is not worth it for the rewards going solo, it is much less going in a group of 2 or 3 people and sharing that reward among them.

The thing is: The rewards comprise a lot of things that are good, but the player who might be strong enough to do it, even in a group of 2 or 3, still might have most of what “big things” you can get there.

All the rest, again, taking group into consideration, much more, you are better served by purging than by doing the raid.

And I would not think you would design something to be done by groups with the specific intent of putting it in a solo game. While “forum people” are a group of specific people, with that in mind, they are not representative of the make up of the playerbase, that in its majority does not come to the forums to discuss these issues.

Cross checking numbers you reach the conclusion that a lot of players are solo players or co-op players. It would unwise at best to make something that is design to be group content in such a case.

However, if you count it as being a group “mostly” intended content, the problem gets worse, not better.

Good thing this isn’t meant as only a ‘solo game’.

Yeah, then it is lost the message I said:
“The problem is WORSE if you are in a group”.

But ok, have a nice life.

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