NPC respawn speed completely ignores settings

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:PvE
Mods?: Yes

Bug Description:

NPC’s respawn within 20 seconds despite server settings

Installed Mods:
LitMans 156

Steps to Reproduce:
Area Sinner’s Refuge

  1. Kill/knock out NPC’s
  2. Leave Render distance
  3. Return to area from nearby wheel of pain
  4. NPC’s respawn within 20 seconds(thralls and animals both)
    Happens both at entrance and inside cave
    Makes gathering all loot tedious due to constant combat
    Respawn is set to have longest reset time
    Happens since People of the Dragon DLC update
    Game files have been verified

I believe this is not a bug but a limitation of the mode. When you leave the zone, you unload it, once you re-enter, everything is newly loaded.

There used to be an issue where the areas in SP would not populate properly, what you are seeing is probably due the fix to address that issue.

As i recall basic respawn after death is 15 minuntes so an area can be safely finished
but i set the settings to double that yet they respawn 20 seconds later even when im inside the render distance
this started after the newest dlc got downloaded
before it i had no issues with respawning
wiped out the nordheimer settlement and only the first ones i killed respawned that i killed first

What multiplier have you used? If they respawn so quickly even with you there, there is something wrong.

set the respawn speed multiplyer from 1 to 0.5 to double the time i had til first npc respawn
but they still respawned after 20 seconds
this fast respawning makes farming easier in an aspect harder in a nother

0.5 is faster, not slower. It is possible that some NPCs ignore the settings. Do you observe the same issue in another area?

yes near the broken bridge
theres an exile camp that has crocodile infestation so i kil the thralls then the crocs so next trhalls can be safely knocked out but they keep spawning at the same time no matter the delay of death
on the other hand the riverwatch camp doesnt spawn any thrals at all just hyenas
place is bloody empty
this only happens since the update

tried playing again still respawns when i leave render distance
changed spawn settings it seems if i stay inside the chunk thats loaded the respawn setting is partly used
trouble is Sinners refuge is not made of 1 chunk but 2
1 chunk has 3 thralls at entrance and the inside is a seperate chunk so you go to the end and cave entrance respawns
game should load 9 chunks with player in center to prevent unwanted respawn
yes its more strain on pc’s but it should fix the getting swamped by respawning NPC problem

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