NPC spawing in my house - (not purge)


note: Please read through before commenting, as I understand the ‘typical’ reason for the behavior.

My house is in the north, in a little pond south of New Asgarath.
It is facing a standing stone and you have to swim a foot or so to get to the door.

To the very back is a long bridge that connect to land.

  • To be fair, this still does not give an npc direct access to a door inside my house, as there are no sidewalks around the house to the front doors. (I just climb up my wall - for now) :slight_smile:

In the purge, I get that - “If they cant get in, they spawn in”

  • The difference here is that:
  • I never have anyone spawning in my house, aside from purge.
    Dont ever see anyone coming down to try attacking - sometimes, long time ago, a guy may come down the mountain… so lets run with that, as to how he kinda got there.
  • I was inside, upstairs, heard some noise, went down stairs and… my animals were in battle mode.
    Usually this happens when anything is OUTSIDE (wolves, etc) and it is not the first time.
    note: NO ONE spawns inside though.

The above is the key point. Whatever is outside, stays outside, and my animals inside are just alerted but do nothing. (Also note, its only animals that usually visit) :slight_smile:

  • This time, it was a human NPC - as mentioned the animals inside took notice, I went out, saw my large Rhino going back up the hill (as if it finished attacking someone)…
    … BUT - I heard the guy in my house - sure enough, he went from fighting my rhino to going inside my house???

Dont get it.
I mean, in the purge - things can pop up there.
But in day to day - no human visitors, animals always stay outside when attacking, and now a human visitor - attacked by my rhino (outside) glitches inside to escape and fight my animals there on the inside?

Wonky behavior - just saying.
Not really sure much can be done about it - (if so, it would fix everything - purge, etc)

*** About the purge: (Again, this was NOT a purge)

  • I get it: They need access to your house - says, who? :wink:
    Think about it for a moment.
    IT took time to find a location, build it up, etc.

From a role-playing perspective (Im pure single-player) it makes sense that they would purge you by breaking down your building with launched weapons and destroy it from the shore.

  • no need for spawning in a place - it will get destroyed either way, plus… doesn’t make sense.
    Though, granted, they tear down the walls, they still cant access the base proper to fight whats on there. But if they launch enough stuff - wont be any floors, etc. to worry about going and fighting anyone.

My main point with this - is the one time glitch (seeing I don’t see human NPCs by my base) and hoping that this may be looked into as a whole. (purge included)


Hi, Dhaylen.

You discovered a new service from Walmart, home delivery of thralls. Free of charge !



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Hey @Dhaylen

Could you let us know where the location of your base is so our team can see if there’s anything going on with the spawns in that area?
Thanks in advance.

It may be my Rhino knocking NPCs into the water - they don’t respawn on the path where they were, but in the house.

If this is the case… not sure there is much that can be done about it.
(Even if I had a very clear path for the hostile NPC into my house - as my house is in the water, and being knocked in, by a Rhino, will cause this glitch either way)

Sent a video link to Ignasis to help verify this theory.

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