Npcs respawn way to fast, can’t clear big camps without them respawning, up to 25 or 30 minutes for bigger npc camps

Just change his setting to ignore as I do. I don’t see the response, and I am better for it.

Reinforcements arrived and taken postions to fight you

You mean the river is still there, under the endless foundations? :rofl:

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I wish so too @Halk :slight_smile:
I was switching 2 charcters around between siptah and exiled lands, so I needed one of them to temporarily go to a random server, so I chose an EL server, cannot remember it’s number, but the entire noob river was completely covered in sandstone foundations as far as I could see, had I run far enough their foundation spam probably would have ended, but OMG, had I been a new player on that server, I would have left again immediately thinking, if this is how the starting river looks like then I really wouldn’t want to see the other popular areas :rofl:

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Careful what you wish for :smirk:

On my single players game I’ve been lvl 17 for two months and well npc damage…………. Exiles kill me in one hit with out armor so I now die a lot and all my gear is gone too so most time now I must start from scratch but yes the base game is too easygoing I agree

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