Npcs respawn way to fast, can’t clear big camps without them respawning, up to 25 or 30 minutes for bigger npc camps

Respawn is waaaay to fast for npcs, you screw up even slightly in a big camp ie your thrall decides to vanish and you have to run out to get him back, by the time you get things sorted out or cleared at the end most npcs have respawned, i like npcs respwaning fast bit this is way to fast imo, or change large camps to have a longer npc respawn


Your inability to efficiently clear camps means the timer should be changed?

So the people who can do so should have to wait longer for respawns because you’re having trouble?


And here we have Tuffman with nothing important to say as usual, and no it’s not an inability to clear camps :joy::joy::joy: we can’t even take time to loot stuff or deal with a funky acting thrall (you seemed to miss that part)

If you need that many thralls that you have to have them respawn every 15 mins your doing something wrong there dude

Yes, reliance on a thrall that heavily for clearing human NPCs is your inability to do so.

And it’s fairly telling you don’t care at all how that would slow down gameplay for everyone else.

Quite funny you say I’m doing something wrong when you’re the one who can’t handle a 15 minute respawn.

Lmfao :joy::joy::joy:
it’s a bearer that carry’s my stuff so nice try on the “reeee you use a thrall you don’t know how to play”

so yet again, tuffman with nothing important to say, in multiple posts from people you always act like the oooooonly person who knows how to play the game, hense why honestly i cant show an ounce of respect towards you when you post

I love how you assume it’s down to skill😂

No. Respawn times have been the same for forever and are just fine. And nothing you’re saying is too important either there bud just FYI :man_shrugging: And if you can’t clear a camp in 15 mins than I’m afraid it does come down to skill. Or rather your lack thereof.


Hmmm that’s funny that it’s actually not lack of skill when i can go in solo just fine on most camps if I’m out alone, so no, a huge camp of 45 npc takes time, lack of skill isn’t even a consideration on those ones when you can kill one after another non stop and they still have respawned before camps end :roll_eyes:

as the post says major encampments are an issue for respawn times, And also the funny part :flushed::flushed::flushed: my bearer is always set to not attack so she doesn’t help the fighting

hell I’ve heard more people complain about the respawn timer then ones who enjoy it, don’t think I’ve actually heard anyone admit to liking the 15 minute timer to be honest.

But apparently it’s all down to a lack of skill that you can’t rush thru a camp of 45 npcs solo before they respawn lmfao😂

There are some camps, even in single-player, where, by the time you have cleared the entire camp, where you entered the camp they have already respawned. It is a survival game and is this way by design. If you are playing single-player or on a private server, those values can be changed.


When farming Mounds of the dead for star metal it’s pretty common for them to start respawning before I’ve done a full circuit. Granted I’m running back to my wheel with T1/2a, but it’s very close so it’s not much of a run

Frost Temple usually has at least the first 4 or 5 giants respawn, and if I’m crafting black ice items it can take a few respawns but at least that gives me something to do while I wait and it’s a good place to level thralls

The problem I could see with raising the standard setting would be how often you’d come across a camp that has been cleared by other players and not had a chance to respawn.


thanks for the answer on that, so some are set up that was by design?, that clears a lot up then if it’s intended to be that way

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When that black ice weapon finally crafts and you turn around just to get a face full or frost a$$😝

Well if it’s intended I’m ok with it

I’m sorry that you’re under the assumption I care at all about your opinion of me. And I’m sorry you taking opposing view points so poorly.

Never once did I mention skill, I said your inability to efficiently clear a camp. That could occur for various reasons. Regardless, you have given no meaningful reason as to why the timer should be changed(it shouldn’t and won’t be) other than for one reason or another it gives you trouble.

Cool story bro

I mean, the folks in Asagarth definitely know the drill, they’re Exiles too. For all intents and purposes, maybe they respawn like us as well. Like if you’re a really bad Nord fighter, you respawn as a Darfari right near the Dregs entrance.

If you catch my drift, a bunch of Nords agree to man the town in such a way that you’ll likely get hung up somewhere. With low health. With a hurting thrall. And the whole town descends on you.


Lmfao i actually love that! Damn npcs are exiles respawning to just like us😂


That and add to note that if the base in some cases large enough you get out of rendering distance or just far enough that the ai around or the entire camp will spawn immediately which is interesting but way better that the good old see to npc hostile and turns in to 20 as a :poop: load spawn inside of each other o that was a surprise…… that didn’t include all npc spawn doing that 85 black galloen pirate later ok I think that last of them ….😮‍💨 timer resets :expressionless::poop:

This is really nice!!! Its a good design element… Why wait when u can keep the action going?

I run naked daily from the Legion Ruin Ob south across the Bridge of the Betrayer. I like to see how much health I can end up with at my current build, while running a decay refresh for a thrall outpost.

Same with Asagarth: it either invites cooperative play, or it forces you to really bust your buns to get a nice circuit going. To me, you get real sharp when you are gleaning the NPCs for souls and inventory. That added time element keeps it really competitive and interesting.


It’s no more immersion breaking than NPCs respawning at all. Of all the immersion breaking things in this game, this is an odd one to focus on.

I’m not disagreeing with you, it’s a valid point.

To me, it’s just not reason enough to change it. The game has never been heavy on immersion and the benefits outweigh the flaws in terms of gameplay for me.