NPCs You Wish You Knew

The “favorite NPCs” topic got me to thinking about NPCs I wish I had seen more of or had more backstory. This revelation came not long after the release where one learns more about Che and (spoiler alert) he actually might give a $!*^ now and again.

I REALLY want to see more of Cassie. And my Spidey sense is telling me that we just might (I hope) see her again in the Congo hint, hint. cough, cough Funcom cough Cassie is completely enigmatic, and while I love it, at the same time I am dying to know what her overall motivations are. Will she be a contact in the Congo? Is she Phoenician)? As a Dragon player, they certainly seem to have a fascination with her.

Anyway, I wanted to open this up to others so they could geek out and dema… request more NPC content. Maybe even lore? bats eyelashes

Bong Cha…what brought her into her situation and how she is dealing with life right now.


Dante. Entrepreneur, patron of the arts, philosopher…c’mon let’s all just go have a book club with the ghoul.

Don’t hold the fact he’s a ghoul against him, it’s so speciest.

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Annabel Usher, and Orochi dude in CF with the teddy bear.

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Nassir. I suspect he would be a lot of fun to go drinking with. Although I also suspect that he gets nostalgic and weepy when he gets too deep in his cups.

Moose because I bet he has a million stories from a life on the road.

You know.
In the ‘Want to beat to death with a shovel’ sense of ‘Know’.

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“Know them” as in have-a-beer-with-them sense, or in the after-eight-beers-come-back-to-my-place sense?

  • I always though Vata and Engel in London were pretty damn cool to hang out with. I wish we saw more of them and I hope we see Vata back in the Congo.
  • I’ll always want a romance option with Sonnac (up yours Riley, how dare you talk like that about him!).
  • Sophie and the Forest God are quite funny and would make a good sitcom together so I can imagine hanging out at their bar listening to them all day.
  • Madam Roget would be cool to hang out with or binge netflix with over a few bottles and I totally wouldn’t mind being tied up by her occasionally.

Leah Cassini.
I don’t think she gets out much, but that’s okay. When the majority of the known universe can come to your desktop, why walk?

Iain Gladstone and John Galahad.
If Gladstone could be pried away from the Stewart twins, that is. I’d be scared of his choices of refreshment, but a little mead or cider while listening to any conversation between these two would be just as good. And if Callie James wants to stick around too, that’s cool with me.

You just know she must have some stories. Can we go visit where she’s from?

…Like, literally, EVERYONE? Because, you know, one line ‘yourself’, few opinions on stuff and 1-3 missions with bit more opinions is nearly not enough to know a character. I think only our handlers with all those reports get bit more than everyone else but even then we know nothing about their past. I dunno maybe devs could include some personal diaries or something that we can occasionally find and read at least… :pensive:

That aside, Said.

What? I like chipper dead men walking.

Well he is quite dapper. I have no problem dating older guys. I mean, Lilith is ancient but you totally would. You just have to hope that he is still in one piece and it isn’t in a jar somewhere. Sorry, exactly how far can we talk about this on the official forms?

But as what Jess says, you sort of want to know everyone don’t you. Question is in which ways do you want to know them. Who do you want to carpool with each morning? Who would be your wise-cracking best friend in the romcom of your life? Who would you invite to your game night? Roadtrip? Five-aside? Bank heist? Picnic? Seance? Tomb raiding? Work colleague? Threesome? Paintballing? Trip to Disneyland?

The thing is… there are bot enough information for me to answer this. I don’t want to do any of this with those people because I don’t know what kind of people are they. I kinda only can say what kind of person Harumi is because we see her quite a lot, see how she cares about friends, but she’s not my type. And all the rest? I have very little idea. :thinking: Sure most intriguing characters that are mystery by plot, like Marquard or Cassy or Sammy, but no way it’s enough with everyone else. :\

The Kindly Ones have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Blajini of all countries, unite!

I want to find out more about Petru’s crusade, and about all the fay-type creatures in general.

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