Favorite NPC in the game

So, I’m torn between Nasir and Dame Julia.

Who’s your fave NPC?

Gosh thats a hard one lol. If i had to pick any one char i’m not sure i could lol. I do very much enjoy the interactions between the peeps at Innsmouth Academy.



But really it’s hard to pick one, but I think KG or John.


I always have trouble trying to choose just one. It’s kinda become a thing when I stream the game that I’m constantly going, “OMG, you folks need to meet [NPC], they’re one of my favorites”…and then after that mission I say the same about an entirely different NPC. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m partial to Kirsten Geary and Said though. Also Kaoru. Also John Wolf. And honestly…even John, “that” John.


Obviously Bong Cha…

ducks as people start throwing rocks and more dangerous stuff

…that was a joke.

I think I’m torn between Carter and Harumi. The are so adoreable <3
I know, I know it’s a bit the easy answer, but there are so many characters and you ask the for the single most favorite so I kinda go for the poster children.
I do like many other chars ingame.


That one dead Orochi guy in the pile of bodies near Traian who’s lying face down in the snow.
He was likeable and fun at parties.


Dr Klein
A scientist so dedicated to his work and being the very first person achieved some level of success to control filth without intentionally comply to dreamers.
It’s just very unfortunately as he is one of those people in orochi group. What chance does an orochi employee has out there? Just look at all other orochi employees dead here and there. He is extraordinary… Start as a just a researcher with no super power, grew into the boss of Ankh.

He may achieved much more if he ate a bee or at least being in our factions.

“Philistines! You’re not just stopping science, you’re denying an evolution! How small minded of you, to resist the great mutation! My work will endure beyond this flesh! I am the Filth!”

What if he is right? What if filth is the answer to the evolution of mankind? (Check lores…)

Bees and dreamers are just 2 sides of coins. He is the filth.

Sonnac comes 2nd as someone works inside an old order trying to reform it and make new Templars.
I just know how hard it is. But, no matter what happens, he is the faith.


There are very few characters that I don’t like, everyone else are pretty much awesome. My very fav is Amir though, also Samael and Inbeda, also Oxford research team, also… oh, wait, I’ll list all of them if no one will stop me.


Please continue…

Richard Sonnac.
He’s handsome, charming, shows hints of being an absolute dork and at the same time, an utter and complete badass. I mean, this is the guy that got beaten to a pulp and STILL managed to end it with a feeling that he’s won that fight.
Yet there’s also some tragedy to his character? The way he whistfully talks about his relationship with a certain Samurai Leader just feels very melancholic. So he’s a packaged deal for me.
Oh and his voice actor is simply amazing.


my favorite is ricky pagan i’m sad i cant get him as agent :slight_smile:


Obviously Dr Klein is the greatest NPC but he’s absolutely mad and also wrong - John is the filth, Klein is just a footnote in the “Big Book of Orochi Misadventures: You Probably Shouldn’t Ingest That Edition”. :v:


Also a huge fan of Samuel Chandra/Samael as that type of antagonist that is just so untouchable that you don’t even face him, you just mildly inconvenience him. Well, except that one time we helped seal his wife. But we paid dearly for that.

Depending on my mood, Saïd or Daimon Kiyota.


Definitely Said.

“ Thus far my intellect has not suffered under a regimen of the Filth. I find I am still able to turn my head fast enough to catch my shadow before it sneaks up on me. Ha! I confound it every time! If I were mad, would I be able to do this? I think not! „
~ Dr. Klein



Actually, the opposite of this is true. What exactly is he doing that is so important he can’t come and personally destroy us to save his own wife? Nothing, he’s just scared of us. He says he does not make idle threats but when push comes to shove, rather than face us he just mildly inconveniences us (with amateur bounty hunters). :v:

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I think he likes us, just like he being our handlers in almost all the orochi missions.
He knows we need shards so he sends bounty hunters.
He even has his own collection of bees :stuck_out_tongue:

And he is not an antagonis. He wants to protect this world too :smiley:

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Saïd all the way.

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I haven’t gone all the way through yet so don’t know all the NPCs. I agree that Saïd and Sonnac are pretty cool, and I actually think Kirsten Geary is pretty cool (although not in a ‘nice’ way, of course). And Madame Roget is pretty rad…

But overall I have to agree with SinsOfTheWolf and go with the Innsmouth Academy trio - Carter, Usher and Montag.