Official Server Thrall Farming

Maybe I missed it somewhere but is it all right to build wheel of pains right next to thrall encampments?

from my understanding, there is a ‘no-build’ perimeter around certain things, and I believe Thrall camps are one of them.

If the system allows you to build it, it is permitted.

The next question you should ask yourself, is “will this impact other players negatively?”
if the answer is yes, I would suggest not building there.


Yes, it is perfectly acceptable. Keep in mind that the wheels themselves have a higher rate of decay, so you need to build a small building nearby. (Or just spam a giant ugly square building).Remember, it is not important where and how much you build, but how many thralls you have to Funcom.


Other than necessary , nobody can complain . Still on exile lands I was building a bit smarter . What I mean is that on my wheels of pain I was very careful not to destroy any NPC spawn , so I was building a bit distant from the camps , plus I was putting dancers , water wells , map rooms ,shelters etc …
If you play on exile lands for sure you need at least three wheels , but then again , you ain’t gonna need them for too long .

If however you have more than three , then they might start whyning . So try to keep low profile at these days take what you need and dismantle :wink: .


Depends on what you mean by “all right”.

Is it against official server rules? No.

Is it okay to build an outpost with a wheel in the general neighborhood of a camp that’s far from your base? Sure, why not.

Is it okay to build such an outpost at every single freaking camp on the map? It might be not against any rules, but it’s a dick move.

As @Rollotomozi said, use your judgment and try not to make the experience crappy for other players. After all, if everyone did that, Funcom would never need to introduce any limits that make people spam salt all over the forums. Conversely, if people keep disregarding that, we’ll end up with more limits and saltier forums.


I think it’s fine to have resource camps scattered around, and thralls are basically a resource. I personally would recommend trying to keep them to a reasonable number and then removing old ones when I no longer need to farm whatever it was built for

After all it’s not hard to put up another wheel later if things change and I need to farm a certain area I though I was done with. When you’re first leaving up it feels like a lot of resources to build a big wheel but that changes pretty quickly

I was waiting for a whole week, and not one hour after dismantling my single wheel, I got the RNG lucky, I had to move fast. :grin:

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Why is it a “dick” move to do what FC allows? They allow unlimited building in most places, so people will do just that.

We have all seen the posts about spamming buildings and foundations, that never get any adjudication from FC thru Zendesk. I have personally experienced this, and my open ticket gets bi-weekly spams asking if the issue is still unresolved.
Maybe your “salt” should be reserved for the building spam.

For the same reason it’s not against any law to listen to your music without headphones on a bus, but it’s still a dick move. :man_shrugging:

Mandating decency by law has never worked out well in the long term.

I tried that a few times and it never worked. The nicest way to describe the situation is to say that they don’t prioritize those over the rest of their workload, but I think saying they don’t care is closer to the truth. :rage:

I’m pretty sure you’ve read quite a few of my posts about overbuilding. I’d say I’m salty enough.

Exactly , wheels are really temporary builds , outposts too . I remember on 3728 I wanted to farm the werewolf , so this outpost lasted a month , since I had no drops at all and then I quit . Decay finds everything my friend :wink: .

The difference is, on a bus, real people may have issues with this and confront you IRL. In CE and IoS, they just keep being “dicks” until, if ever, FC responds.



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