Offline raids are killing the game

I don’t disagree. But players generally have weak stomachs. They’ll take much more offense to watching their base get dismantled before their eyes and feeling helpless about it than they do now which is simply logging into nothing. The connotations are different and more personal.

My personal experience with this is to simply chase away the raiders as usually in such experiences they bit off more than they can chew. As they go after honeypots and get wrecked by preplanned sally points.

But on the flip side, when I’ve done this to someone, they usually log out and then I’ve got 15-30 minutes to blow open stuff and take what I want. To get the rest its waiting till decay takes over as they’re likely not coming back.

This is actually more of a problem for officials. On private PVP, you can simply build enough structure to withstand the logout period for your more valuable stuff. But on a five year old database servicing 300-400 players who serial refresh, they don’t like you building sufficient defenses for that.

I don’t blame Funcom for that. They like for their servers to eventually boot up on a restart.

But they are kinda ■■■■■■■■ up the PVP experience that way. I looked at some numbers today and on PC there were around 12,000 people who play daily. Empyrion, another building survival game has around 1,200. Or 1/10th the population. It has official servers too (all technically PVP), but only 3 (4 if you count the test server). Now their officials hold 80 for two of them and 43 for another (weird number).

I believe there are simply too many servers. I think what they should do for PVP is take the 196 servers they do have and condense that to like… 20 servers total. If their agreement with G-portal will allow it of course. There could be something stupid like they need to maintain hundreds to allow the deal to make G-portal look more grandiose than it is or something. I dunno. I hope not.

But at 20 PVP servers, there could be more hands on moderation, there could be less partitioning which could allow the servers to run better. And with those servers they could throw on the DBD system and just tell people if they get raiding while offline or whatever exploit, then its what they signed up for.

The great thing about 20 servers as opposed to ~200 is you’d have more of a moderation presence but wouldn’t need as much moderation. Basically they would be there to ban the racists, bigots, cheaters, and other trash of the internet, and be able to police up attempts to wall off the noob area.

But outside that, you’d have PVP populations that could police themselves. It’d make for a grittier, more crowded experience where PVP is gonna happen. I mean with that many people, you’re going to go out for resources, see its been mined up, and then see some dude with a bearer thrall and then instead of gathering resources, you’re gonna PVP the guy for them.

I believe this is the PVP experience people are looking for, yes?

Delete the current servers.
Put new ones on each individual stack
Turn on DBD
Set Harvest rate up
Put a moderator on those 20 servers specifically for each 8 hour shift (one person for 20 servers will be more than enough for this purpose)
Let the players go ham.

I think you all would see some of the best PVP experiences Conan Exiles has to offer outside a private server. Nothing compares to a 25+ vs 25+ siege that lasts for over 6 hours. But you ain’t seeing that on a G-portal hosted server. But beggars can’t be choosers.

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Why? If people die to the enemy thralls, because they become extremely powerful when everyone is offline, how wouldn’t this help?
I think they don’t do it because they know thrall’s AI is far from top notch and it can’t be improved, the more they try.
This seems a simple solution. It’s just turning on/off a few multipliers.
What I think could also work was a small protection bubble that made a part of the base invulnerable. At least people offline could still retain a good portion of their goods. This would have to be a really small bubble (because otherwise going offline would become the new defense meta) that would only activate during raiding hours and if the clan was offline for at least one hour prior to that. Something along these lines…

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This is just a general question for the PvPers as I read through the thread.

When you guys are talking about DBD, are you talking about DBD only, or DBD in addition to the raid window? Basically are you talking about being able to trigger building damage to your structures 24/7 just by logging in, or would you have to be logged in and it would have to be the 6 hour raid window in order to trigger building damage?

The simple and 100% garanted way to not be online/offline raided is to have an empty base during raid time.

Have some hidden chests somewhere or a bodyvault.

Then a simple base in the middle of the map is enough, no defending thralls, nothing!

You are raided? you just lose some walls and fews low level loot like wood, stone, iron … :slight_smile:

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DBD is about only! online raiding.
+1 hour window.
So no more abusive offline raiding.
99% of raids are gonna be versus base owners + thralls + pets. Much fair as you ask my.
We just need such kind of servers to give it a try. Thats all.
And pls stop with unraidable bases which are always offline (improved decay system gonna punish those multiaccounters).
And no, solo players still can put their revenge to the alfa abusers, just require more planning and perfect timing.

I am talking about no raid window. Pvp servers would be about pvp mainly, amd less about monster cadtle building. If raid window is used with DbD, then we would have what pve-c has, empty servers during the window to avoid pvp.


Have you ever tried Call of Duty? That’s where pvp without building and monster hunting really shines. You should give it a try. I have a blast until that damned sbmm pits me agains pros… :smile:

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As a guy who was head-first in playing at all hours during Early Access, it was such a joy to know you could actually be protected while you were offline. If you set up your followers properly, no one could snoop even the outer wall o’ your base. Then Raid got dumped on us, making our followers powerful but impotent during off-Raid hours. Imagine that: they’re armed to the teeth yet stand down due to some clock thing. WT French.

Additionally, if they did a Season of Followers, I’d lobby for them to include a new “Watchman” attribute for bench thralls. You’d receive in-game notifications when you’re being raided. But you’d need to have like 15 points in “Snoop.” Can you imagine getting a real-world text from Talitha Goldfingers?


I disagree. Actually being able to try to defend a base can be extremely fun. Some of my most epic and fun Conan moments have been defending bases (even when I lose). Waking up naked in a desert having lost everything without a chance to defend is much more offensive to me (especially when you realize a good portion of these offline raiders are not very good at PVP – they are just buzzards).

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So to properly “PVP” now in Conan you need alt accounts to body vault? Uhhhggg…

Actually what you are doing is what I and others have said in the past and in this thread — we need some sort of “bank” system to protect some key items to rebuild (instead of having to body vault).

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Agree — if we have DBD servers, I’d be ok with 24 hour raid time. Yeah some folks will just log in during off hours to avoid potential raids but so what — if that is how they want to play so be it. For those of us who like a good fight, having to potentially defend your base anytime you log in would be awesome.

Once again it would be great if Funcom just tried it out on a small number of servers to see how it is actually received (vs. catering to folks to who not like ANY change or who like being able to offline others).

Cause they’ll just ignore the thralls or pick them off at a distance. Like they do already.

DBD and Raid Window is just PVE-C with extra steps.

Forgive me if I don’t believe you. Now… I’m not talking about you personally. I’m talking about the concept that someone enjoys fighting and defending. Because personally I’ve not seen it in most players. I’ve seen players get raided, win, and still get salty because of the fact they were targeted in the first place.

Now I enjoy defending, and I’ll take you at your word that you do too. But I’m going to assume we’re the only two in the world that does. The reason being is most players get their feelings hurt one way or another as the norm.

But then again this discussion is just about mechanics and rules that lessen the ‘butt hurt’ for most anyway. If everyone just enjoyed PVP for the sake of PVP and actually put the PVE second, this thread wouldn’t even have been created.

But everyone can’t help but want to gather their rocks, their iron, their wood, thralls, legendary weapons, and other PVE stuff and hopes to keep it at any cost they can. If they were more willing to lose it at any time for any reason, I’d be more apt to believe that PVP is more of a focus for them.

But it would be much harder, no? It would take them much longer, at least. Or with current AI thralls wouldn’t stand a chance anyway? I mean, had you 40 arena champion alikes inside a base when you were offline and that would demand some more prudence at least.
Because I remember all the cries for thralls being nerfed. Was it only because of player + thrall vs player situations? I find that a bit hard to believe, honestly. I can kill one arena champion easily, but pit me against 5 and I am not sure I’ll make it…

Not really. When the best thralls went from 750 health to 12,000 health and 4.9x damage during the update that added thrall leveling, it didn’t slow anything down.

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Well, thralls are out of the equation then, unless you make them almost invulnerable when the clan goes offline. I don’t like that idea, though…
But players should have more defensive options, I believe. How about the micro bubble idea? What do you make of it, @Taemien ? At least offline raiding would be less profitable.

This is kind of aside, but what do you guys think about some kind of storage that is unraidable. Clan storage that cannot be accessed or destroyed. Something limited that would at least give you a way to store absolute necessities? 20 slots or something, could even be tied to sorcery to explain why once the container is destroyed the contents exist in the abyss.

I would say turn raiding on 24/7, leave DBD off, harvest rates maxed at 10x, and let God sort it out :laughing:

But people don’t like PVP that much.

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“some kind of storage that is unraidable” → a second steam account (bodyvault), 12 EUR actually :slight_smile:

It is a survival game, so … do what you can to survive!

On the bodyvault, you can store everything to start again (even in fews months) :

  • armor
  • weapons
  • tools
  • thralls
  • a fews of each materials (iron, stell, bricks, wood …)

Then find a place to place it, it will be hidden after 7 days.

People don’t like wasting time.

I had 20 bezerkers all trained. They all were like candy to the raider. Serious waste of time.

Crom coins were hope to buy levels. People want to be happy and enjoy the game when they log in. Maybe buy protection (the god sphere) that lasts a day or week. There is scarcity to this, but I think the link to the bazaar is progressive.

That’s alot of PVE.