Oh, c'mon! this is not cool, gentlemen

As others said, it’s something you’re doing, not the mission. The dodging is a bit tricky if you want to get the achievement, but the fights are all so easy you shouldn’t even notice them as fights (that’s one of the problems with story & open world, imho – too easy). However, I can offer a bit of advice on how to tune up your character: always run AA = 100 attack, check your build against How to Build: All Weapons, and then test your build by solo’ing a story-mode dungeon. All of the dungeons your level and below can be solo’d if your build is setup right (as dps with A100 … no need for tank or heal builds).

For gear, you should have a complete full set of L25 blue gear before you’re 50 along with a full set of L25 fusion gear to go 100% L1 epic purple the moment you hit 50. All my chars were 50 a fair bit before hitting egypt, but I cleared full zones without skipping any main or side missions. If you did main story only and neglected your gear while leveling, I could see you having a hard time.

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