Oil of agony question

In the blood and sand update, it said the oil of agony can either boost damage by 10% permanently, or 25% temporarily. How do you make it permanent? Every time I try to use an oil all it does is give a temporary bonus, no option to do permanent.
also, where is the dual blade and two handed axe? Those aren’t showing up in the creative list, all the rest of the blood and sand items are. Yes, I own blood and sand.

@Hugo @Ignasi can either of you shed some insight to this?

Anybody? Bit quiet here, especially for a new update.

My best guess is that is broken

Hey @Animeemo3

That information is unfortunately incorrect as a result of pulling the information over from the design documents. The oil of agony increases damage by a flat amount of 15.
Apologies for the confusion.

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