Old Conan Video Game

From the ancient past, rises a hero. This was a hard game, I never finished it. On the last boss, I think- I tried for weeks to beat it and never could. The last time, I got so mad I crumbled up the floppy and so ended the game for me. :frowning:

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Why i’m started play in AoC on 2008? I saw that`s video :crazy_face:

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The funny thing here is not the horse but how populated it is. Try this today and wait for… ages. Ofc on the good sides we have hundreds of mounts to vary😉

Ahh it’s hard to go back from 10 years of broken promises while sub money has been used in other projects lol just joking* :slight_smile:

I use to play this one when i was a kid, never finished it… corrupted floppy :partying_face:

this one seams cool but never played it:

also another gem, Conan game in everything but the name:

Very nice, I must’ve missed these. When these were out I think I was a DOOM addict. And Baldur 's Gate.

One more Conan game, this one from 2004: “The Dark Axe”

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My childhood started with this one:

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It’s incredible how games from the past can bring back memories. The frustration of trying to defeat the final boss is priceless.