OMFG. New problem

So I reset and repaired my server and now I can log in. But all weekend Conan Exiles is randomly downloading a 600 mb update at random. Not when trying to log into Steam, not when trying to launch Conan Exiles, not when logging onto the server, etc. It’s completely random. I’m sitting here with Steam up, logged in, playing fallout 76 and out of no where Conan Exiles is queing up it’s like 4th update of 600mb (approx) for the weekend.

Anyone else seeing this right now?

If you’re subscribed to mods on the workshop, updates to them will show as game updates. The game itself isn’t going to update on a Sunday.

Not running any mods right now. :-/

Its a mod updating.

Don’t use mods if you want to avoid this :smiley:

It doesn’t matter if you run them. If you have subscribed to a “workshop creation”, you will get the update to it and you cannot opt out of it. You can always set a game to “update only when launching the game” but this option doesn’t exist for mods.

And every mod is going to be updating due to the sorcery update the coming weeks.

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