Once sorcery comes out I would like to see youtube videos of sorcery players mad with power

Once sorcery comes out it would be fun to see sorcery players mad with power.

Run around other players screaming majic corrupts.

Casting Random spells.

It would be chaotic but funny to see.



You are obsessed!


Either that or he is a troll, he doesn’t care about what a game is about, he just wants his sorcery/magic fix in as many games as possible no matter how bad it fits to a game or he will start trash talking the devs/game, just look at his post history, it is nothing but complains/threats/negativity.

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Oh my @Bryan_Skull


You are really obsessed!

Until Sorcery will come to Conan Exiles you are invited to play with mods adding Sorcery to this game

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The only sorcery vids you’ll see if it does come are corrupt heavy players being two shotted by an axe. You clearly have no grasp of what corruption does to your character in CE and don’t understand that this is a melee focused game. Any introduction of sorcery most certainly will not fit your delusion.

Conan Exiles Sorcery: Expectations vs Reality. :grin:!


I’ll stick with my rightious bow and arrows.

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Tempest of Set.

Hmm Snakes as pets should be a thing from Set Altars, coming to think of it.


Herald of Xotli

I know this is Chandra, but my head-canon totally would dig this as a Herald of Xotli.

I seriously expect a flame thrower xD
Ah well. I can always dream.

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And you can play all of those in the MMO Age of Conan, which had all of your base fighter, thief, healer, and caster CHARACTER CLASSES.

They are also race locked.

I was hoping the sorcery players going mad with power.

I stopped playing right before the pet patch because I was getting bored, and I wanted to play some other games on my back log. I’ll return once sorcery is implemented, so when it is I’ll help you with this vision of yours. XD

Any idea how much further down the road it will be??

Hmmm, not sure why it’s removing your quote, Bryan_Skull, but apparently I can’t quote you. lol

Perhaps his magic prevents him from being quoted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t expect to see sorcery until at least early summer.

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Regardless. I’m sure people hate on it regardless as it is not classic magic

They been surviving mainly with a skeleton crew.

Now that more people are being hired with some lofty requirements, you can expect CE to enter a golden age in 2019.

I’m confidant sorcery will make it in; Not in the way I like (I love active martial magic eg. Fire Balls, Lightning Bolts and stuff) but it’s something non the less :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they will go with demon based “soft magic”. A combination of corruption and blood magic.

Like if your corrupted enough, you can slit your hand to drop some blood on the sand, then summon a sand demon that way, or imbue your attacks with poison by animating your snake tattoos into life.


Don’t forget Lichdom and necromancery. I want an undead army.

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Think one way to have an undead army is to offer a buncha mercenaries immortality by storing their souls in your body, using your body like a phylactery, thereby also ensuring their eternal loyalty.

(Can’t kill a Lich until you destroy it’s phylactery in turn)

Thus Immortality. Can still die… just not with age.

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The Lich’s body can be destroyed. It reforms after time has past.

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