Only patch glitches that help us, needs to be said

I love this game but I need to say this…

You guys are so quick to patch glitches that actually work in our favor. For example, the legendary chest glitch was patched in about a week but we still can’t the use Orb of Nergal table, thralls are still getting stuck and they are not teleporting, I keep falling when I get to the top of a wall or whatever I’m climbing, lag is absolutely outrageous, I keep dying when I sleep on my bed and log back in, I’m keep fighting invisible NPCs, the list goes on and on.

Something has to give here, every time an update goes out (that we already have to wait months for because PC always is taken care of first) it messes something else up and more updates come out with more glitches but old glitches are not being taken care of. At this point glitches are piling up and it’s getting harder to play this game. I don’t think the money you are asking for between the standard game and the DLCs are worth what you get in the game which is why I don’t have Siptah.

Please do something different here and take care of both maps and all platforms. I am just asking for stuff to work the way it’s suppose to. Couple of glitches is one thing but it’s gone too far at this point.


Some bugs may be easier to fix than others.
I imagine the legendary chest bug, to get to it’s current incarnation (sorta, but not quite fixed) was likely very simple. Restating the Voidforged Bow, likewise.

That said, it is never soothing to see more game breaking bugs either remain or exasperate while balance patches and less impactful bug fixes are implemented.

For example, there are many “legendary” weapons which, to own the truth of it, are a legendary waste of inventory space, fated to sit on a display rack at best as they are simply worse than items you can craft with a tier 3 smith.
Anyone really enthused to find/afraid of facing someone with a Tulwar of Amir Khurum? Not game breaking to find another Splitter Shot for free…
However, rubber banding, render hiccups, and the like are likely to end a run pretty harshly. Very frustrating. That the rendering and rubber banding are recurring issues, reduced with one patch, back en force with the next, is very unpleasant.

But again, that’s possibly a difference between an easy fix and something that is proving a very very difficult flaw to track down.

TLDR; My sympathies. It’s sorta a mess, but it may be less about priority and more about triage of what can be fixed now vs what is a much longer term project.


This is where communication comes into play. A lot of people would probably be more lenient if Funcom simply said “We’re aware of the issue and working on it, however (insert glitch here) is a difficult problem to pin down and fix, so it may take awhile.” However, Funcom is notorious bad about communicating.


Closing thread as this isn’t a bug report.
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